Design & Development

We have professionals working in all areas of Shopify design and development. This allows us to develop efficient e-commerce solutions for our clients.

Bespoke online store creation for clients who want to start efficiently selling their products on the Internet. During a redesign, we not only transform an existing website, we also help clients improve their interaction with customers.

If clients already have existing online stores, we can replatform them to Shopify from well-known e-commerce platforms and from custom-built e-commerce solutions.

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Theme Customization

The following service is available to those clients who have just started to work with Shopify as well as to those who already have online stores. Our developers and set-up experts help to develop and improve the present functionality of clients’ stores.

If a client has just decided to start selling, we will help them select a theme and customize it, and also help with apps and the store's settings so that the client can begin to sell his/her products.

We also help those clients who already have a store but need help with development or set-up—whether it's creating new pages or a new functionality or improving an existing functionality.


Shopify App development

There are many reasons why our customers may need to create a custom Shopify app. These may be marketing reasons, functional purposes, or for optimizing and automating the client's business processes.

If there are no suitable solutions in the App Store or the existing solutions do not meet our clients' requirements, we are able to create unique solutions for their specific businesses.

Our excellent Shopify app department is skilled at expanding a functionality or creating a new functionality for online stores. This may be integration with a third-party API, an expansion of marketing tools, payment gateways, and much more.

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Ongoing support

We build long-lasting relationships with our clients that continue long after an initial project is finished. That’s why we provide support packages according to our clients' requirements and offer various types of support.

We provide post-launch support after project completion.

We offer priority or monthly retainer support to those clients who need a team of Shopify specialists or individual specialists to constantly maintain and improve their existing stores.

Service Packages

One of our goals is for clients to feel comfortable working with us. Therefore, we offer 3 main options for collaboration:

Fixed price

Fixed Price

This is basically a price per feature. It is the most expensive service of all three. A lot of time is spent on estimation and we include possible risks in the price as well.

Time and Material Basis

Time and Material Basis

The client pays money for the work completed. The involvement of specialists depends on the project's complexity.

Dedicated Team/Specialist

Dedicated Team/Specialist

A specialist works on client tasks all week. The minimum period for working with a dedicated developer is 5 working days. We provide reports on the results of each week.


Shopify plus

We have been working in this line of business since 2014. During this time, we have added well-known global brands to the list of our Shopify Plus clients. We fully understand all the nuances of Shopify Plus and can come up with the best solutions for our clients.

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