Shopify Theme Development Services

Since 2012, we work with custom Shopify theme development to deliver the peculiarities of our clients’ brands to end-users.


Contact GenovaWebArt, and our shopify theme developers will create a new theme for your store or help to improve an already existing theme.

Shopify theme development from scratch & customization, GenovaWebArt Shopify agency

Custom Shopify Theme Development Services We Provide

Delivering complex solutions requires substantial expertise. Our experienced team in Shopify theme development has established development processes and approaches to make our service relevant to clients.

Shopify Theme Development Services

Shopify Custom Theme Development with Proven Experience

Over 10 years ago, Shopify Theme development became the very first service our agency delivered. Since then, we’ve made over 50 custom themes for our clients from different industries and niches.

Shopify Theme Development Services of Any Difficulty

If a client requests a complex solution, we involve our designers and app developers in the Shopify theme development process. This way, we can deliver the best Shopify Theme possible.

Established Processes

Transparency is essential for a project to be efficient. With our approach, each merchant coming to us can shape relevant expectations about the project results and see the sequence of shopify theme development stages clearly.

Understanding Clients’ Needs

At the initial project stage, you tell us your needs and we conduct our own research about your company. This approach lets us find a theme solution that considers all business aspects and optimizes task management.

Dedicated Project Manager

We appoint a Project Manager as a Shopify specialist and your partner who will take over all the project's technical details. This person will be responsible for finding the most effective solution to your business tasks and involves needed specialists from our shopify theme development agency.

Types of Shopify Themes Solutions We Provide

Shopify Theme Customization Services that Help Our Clients Grow.

Custom Shopify Themes

For the last ten years, Shopify theme customization has evolved into the core service that lets us solve tasks of any complexity for our clients.

Theme Customizations

Each business grows, and even leading Shopify stores request constant improvements. If you need new features, improvements, optimization, and shifting to Online Store 2.0, we’re here for you.

Shopify Plus

We have specialists in theme development who work with numerous capabilities of Shopify Plus, including checkout customization and Shopify Scripts.

Technical SEO

Creating a custom Shopify theme covers 90% of SEO on the way. Our Shopify theme developers are aware of this, address all the requirements from search engines, and apply the best SEO practices.

Online Store 2.0

New themes appear regularly. We work with all of them and help stores migrate to Online Store 2.0. Our expertise with its technologies lets our clients benefit from Shopify as much as possible.

Ongoing Support

Business growth is a continuous process that depends on market demands. We provide retainer models which our clients can use to constantly improve their online presence.

Why Choose GenovaWebArt for Shopify Theme Development Services

A successful project requires a clear understanding of project stages. That’s why we let our clients know how we develop Shopify themes, so they understand what to expect beforehand.



We arrange a meeting to understand what the client encountered and what we can do to solve the particular business need with Shopify theme development.


Discovery & Planning

We collect all the project information and clarify all the store specifics. At this stage, we also define which integrations are needed for the theme for your Shopify store.


Prototype & Design

If our company makes a design, we create a prototype with user flow and user experience. After that, we elaborate the working theme design to work seamlessly with an existing Shopify store.



The Shopify theme development process can go simultaneously with the design. If so, we implement each approved design together with coding.



Checking the theme for bugs and errors is essential to the development process. We double-check all the details and processes before delivering the result to a client.


Launch & Support

The launch is not the end of the Shopify theme development process. We stay with the client and keep improving the website.

Our Clients

With business growth, our clients start invest in developing a Shopify theme to get the maximum effect from their Shopify business

Kit & Kin, UK Child Care Shopify Brand, GenovaWebArt Shopify app development portfolio example

Shopify Plus Theme Development: Site migration, Redesign and Theme Customizations

Kit & Kin

The development of the latest designs of the website has been completed by our theme development team with the benefits of Online Store 2.0. Integral parts of the redesign include the combination of the subscription options functionality and the neat and convenient customer portal with extended functionality. All the additional analytics options the clients use to collect data are integrated with the theme.

Winky Lux, US Beauty Brand Based in New York, GenovaWebArt Shopify Plus Theme Development Portfolio Example

Shopify Plus Theme Development: Theme Redesign and Customizations, Shopify Scripts

Winky Lux

Woking closely with the Winky Lux team, we have implemented a number of powerful features that combine both the beauty-focused trends and the latest development approaches. Using the Shopify Scrips app and the custom coded functionality, we have extended the basic Shopify discounts functionality that gives now the enhanced promotion possibilities and tiered discounts. The new redesigned theme which is being developed now uses all the Online Store 2.0 benefits as well as the updated UI and UX.

Ten Thousand, US brand from New York that specializes in sportswear, GenovaWebArt Shopify Theme development portfolio example

Shopify Plus Theme Development: Theme Redesign and Customizations

Ten Thousand

During 5 years of cooperation with Ten Thousand, we completely redesigned its store three times. Our Shopify theme specialists accompanied each new theme with new website functionality to support the brand growth. The store has a tailored bundle system and checkout upsell, supported by Shopify Plus.


Should I Choose a Theme from Shopify Theme Store or Create a Custom Shopify Theme from Scratch?

It depends on your goals. For your own style or adding custom functionality tailored to your brand, it’s better to pick a custom theme. If you’re just starting your business and have basic needs, a theme from Shopify Theme Store will work for you. A good compromise is choosing an already existing theme and involving Shopify theme developers for its improvement. This way, you’ll get a unique custom Shopify theme that will let you manifest your brand.

How Does SEO Affect the Custom Shopify Theme Choice?

Since theme developers complete 90% of SEO, the theme choice heavily depends on them. While working with a custom theme, experienced developers already consider all search engine requirements in the planning stage. If they focus on this aspect timely, your theme will get a boost over competitors after publication.

How Long Does It Take to Build a Shopify Theme from Scratch?

Shopify theme development can take from 1 to 6 months — or even more. Generally, the project duration depends on theme complexity, meaning its functionality and visual representation. A small merchant selling a couple of products requires fewer functions than a corporate website with several integrations. Also, building a unique UI with special effects takes extra time.

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