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Level up your basic online store with GenovaWebArt’s custom Shopify development. We’ve been delivering complex solutions since 2012, ensuring our skilled designers and theme and app developers always cater to dynamic business needs. Let our experts transform your eCommerce website into a powerful selling tool and strengthen your online presence.

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Shopify web app development services - GenovaWebArt Shopify agency

Custom Shopify Solutions We Provide

Expertise is crucial for custom Shopify store development. Established processes and profound experience allow us to provide optimal solutions to our clients.

Custom Shopify Solutions - GenovaWebArt Shopify agency

Custom Shopify Development with Proven Experience

For over a decade, we’ve been creating custom Shopify solutions for our clients, continuously refining our expertise and staying at the forefront of best practices. With a focus on meeting unique business needs, we deliver highly relevant online stores that drive success.

Custom Shopify Solutions of Any Complexity

Our custom Shopify store solutions serve businesses of all sizes and complexity, including corporations with annual revenues of over $10B. GenovaWebArt seamlessly blends ease of use and sophistication, creating user-friendly eCommerce websites.

Niche Expertise

We provide solely niche experts to handle the Shopify side of your business. Secure each part of your project with our business analysts, project and account managers, designers, and Shopify theme and app developers.

Established Processes

GenovaWebArt focuses on delivering maximum benefit to clients. Our streamlined approach guarantees that working with us is convenient and transparent.

Positive Client Feedback

As official Shopify Experts, we’re proud of consistently receiving positive feedback from our clients who choose to continue their partnership with us through our Growing Support packages. With an impressive average customer LTV of four years, it’s clear that our clients trust and find satisfaction in their journey with us.

Custom Shopify Solutions Service Structure

See some of our custom Shopify development services that allow us to create solutions tailored to your unique requirements.

Business Analysis

Our business analyst dives into your e-store project requirements and goals and studies market trends and competitors to drive conversions and maximize ROI.

Account Management

With our account management service, you get a trusted point of contact—a seasoned professional offering expert guidance and support throughout your Shopify project.

Maintenance & Support

As your custom Shopify store grows, GenovaWebArt adapts to its evolving needs. We offer retainer models to continuously enhance your online presence.

Shopify Design

Our Shopify designers offer tailored design solutions for your website, addressing specific business needs and delivering exceptional features that exceed your expectations.

Shopify Theme Development

As our core service for over a decade, Shopify theme development and customization let us tackle tasks of any complexity and offer bespoke solutions for your store.

Shopify App Development

GenovaWebArt’s Shopify app developers enhance your store’s functionality with custom applications or available integrations.

Why Choose GenovaWebArt to Build Custom Shopify Solution for Your Business

A clear understanding of the project’s stages is vital for a successful bespoke Shopify solution, and our streamlined process ensures progress every step of the way.


Discovery & Planning

At this stage, we gather all project information and define the features and integrations required for a bespoke Shopify website.


Prototype & Design

If our custom Shopify development company handles the design, we start with user flow and experience prototypes, followed by designing the store itself.



Our custom Shopify development aligns with the design process as we implement each completed design, ensuring an efficient workflow.



At this point, our team checks your custom Shopify store for any bugs or errors to guarantee excellent performance and a great user experience.


Launch & Support

We navigate your store’s smooth launch and continue to enhance your website afterward.


Growth Support

Our team provides comprehensive post-launch support, working on new features and improvements.

Our Clients

These work examples prove that we can build custom Shopify solutions that drive success for our clients’ businesses.

Yara International, a Norwegian chemical company, GenovaWebArt custom Shopify solution portfolio example

Custom Shopify web store creation

Yara International

We had to create a custom Shopify web store for an international corporation, meticulously integrating it with this company’s complex business processes. The GenovaWebArt company has expertly accomplished this task, navigating the intricate landscape typical of enterprises of this level.

Kit & Kin, UK Child Care Shopify Brand, GenovaWebArt custom Shopify solution portfolio example

Shopify App Development: Custom Subscriptions & Additional Functionality

Kit & Kin

Over the past six years, we have collaborated across three departments—Shopify Theme, Shopify App, and Shopify Design—to successfully implement and scale this client’s business model on the Shopify platform, ensuring their stable growth and success.

Workout Meals, Fitness food delivery brand from Australia, GenovaWebArt custom Shopify solution portfolio Example

Shopify App Development: Custom ERP, Integrations and Subscriptions

Workout Meals

With a focus on a food brand, we delivered a fully custom Shopify theme design and development service that catered to a range of essential features. From deriving nutrition facts to creating personalized weekly menus and selecting convenient delivery options, we enhanced the overall user experience.

Early Rider, UK-based brand of bikes for kids and teenagers, GenovaWebArt custom Shopify solution portfolio Example

Shopify App Development: Extended Loyalty Program, Bike Configurator and Warehouse Management

Early Rider

We’ve embarked on three complete redesigns through six years of partnership, consistently breathing new life into Early Rider’s website. Each theme introduced new functionalities for a better customer and merchant experience, leveraging our custom Shopify app development services.


What does a custom Shopify solution include?

At GenovaWebArt, our custom Shopify solution encompasses a range of essential components, including themes, apps, and design elements.

How long does it take to develop a custom Shopify solution?

The development timeline depends on your project’s complexity, i.e., the number and sophistication of features and the number of specialists involved. GenovaWebArt can accelerate the engineering process by scaling the team based on your request.

How much does it cost to develop a custom Shopify solution?

Just like the timeline, the cost is determined by your project’s complexity, custom functionality requirements, integrations, and desired design. We provide transparent pricing based on your scope of work.

Can you develop a custom Shopify solution if I have a brand book only?

Absolutely! With your brand book as a foundation, GenovaWebArt can create a custom Shopify store solution that best reflects your business.

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