Shopify Maintenance and Support Services

GenovaWebArt has been empowering Shopify brands at every stage of their journey since 2012. Our Shopify site maintenance and support services help our clients reach long-term eCommerce success.

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Shopify Support Benefits We Offer

Our support services for Shopify stores ensure top-notch quality backed up by our expertise and commitment.

Shopify Support Benefits We Offer section - GenovaWebArt Shopify Plus agency

Shopify Experts

GenovaWebArt has been around for a long time, focusing solely on Shopify since 2012. During these years, we’ve accumulated vast expertise and insights into this platform’s intricacies.

Long-Term Dedication

Our company is proud to deliver consistent Shopify maintenance services to our esteemed clients over the years. We’ve been elevating their online presence since 2014 with dedication and reliability.

Proven Reliability

Our track record speaks volumes, with a 4-year average duration of work with our clients. During our cooperation, we focus on undeniable service quality and long-lasting results.

Consistent Quality

GenovaWebArt experts guarantee consistent quality throughout online store support. We provide timely updates and relevant improvements to ensure our clients’ websites beat the competition.

Shopify Support comprehensive expertise - GenovaWebArt Shopify Plus agency

Efficient Communication

Our Shopify support and maintenance team keeps you posted at all times. We tackle urgent issues swiftly and implement enhancements following your needs.

Transparent Reporting

We deliver weekly or monthly reports with detailed maintenance task descriptions, depending on your package. Our experts give you full transparency into the work we do.

Comprehensive Expertise

Our team comprises specialists in various Shopify-related aspects. We handle any Shopify challenge, whether theme design, app development, or custom solutions.

Our Shopify Website Maintenance Services

GenovaWebArt delivers a full range of Shopify support and maintenance services. Look at just several of them.

Store Improvements

We improve Shopify stores through a two-fold approach: based on the client’s strategy and following our expert audits. This way, we ensure your website grows in line with your goals and customer expectations.

New Functionality

Our skilled team enhances our clients’ stores by introducing relevant updates. We offer Shopify design, theme development and customization, app creation, and other tailored solutions.

Theme Customization

We elevate user experience with comprehensive Shopify theme adjustments. Our specialists cover all aspects of theme customization, from optimization to implementing new features.

Performance Tuning

GenovaWebArt experts offer speed and performance optimization for Shopify websites. We introduce new technologies to your store running at peak efficiency.


We protect your store from various risks by promptly identifying and resolving any issues. Our experts ensure minimal disruptions to your online operations and guarantee a seamless shopping experience for your customers.

Shopify Apps

GenovaWebArt specialists install and configure applications from the Shopify App Store following your requirements. We also create custom apps to suit your unique business needs.

Ongoing Support Packages Service

Shopify retainer is our leading Shopify support services model. We ensure your consistent online presence through agreed monthly work volumes and a dedicated team by your side.

Monthly Retainer 40 Hours 60 Hours 80 Hours
Email support
Prioritised support
Dedicated project manager
Monthly reporting
Weekly reporting
Monthly calls
Monthly Strategic Calls
Dedicated Account Manager
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Shopify Support One-Time Packages - GenovaWebArt Shopify Plus agency

One-Time Packages

One-time Shopify support is another offering by GenovaWebArt.

These Shopify maintenance services are best for businesses with precise objectives and amount of work in mind. Whether implementing new functionalities or developing custom apps, GenovaWebArt delivers tailored support for your needs. Our one-time packages contain the agreed number of working hours, with the hourly rate decreasing as you opt for larger packages.

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Shopify Same-Day support Packages - GenovaWebArt Shopify Plus agency

Same-Day Support Service

Same-day support allows businesses to get swift solutions when they need them most.

These Shopify maintenance services work well for brands that may not have an ongoing partnership with us but require immediate help. While our core clients benefit from the retainer-based model, GenovaWebArt is always here to support those in urgent need. We’ve already rescued several brands facing critical breakdowns, which marked the start of our long-lasting relationships.

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What Is Shopify Website Maintenance and Support - GenovaWebArt Shopify Plus agency

What Is Shopify Website Maintenance and Support?

Maintenance and support for Shopify stores is a constant improvement of your website. You get a dedicated team that works relentlessly on your eCommerce site’s design, functionality, and overall performance.

Shopify support goes beyond just simple updates. Maintenance teams consult you on the best strategies, cutting-edge technologies, and recent Shopify trends to adapt your store to changing eCommerce demands. They also strive to reflect the essence of your brand while enhancing it with an expert touch.

Who Needs Shopify Maintenance and Support - GenovaWebArt Shopify Plus agency

Who Needs Shopify Maintenance and Support?

Shopify support and maintenance services are a must for rapidly growing eCommerce businesses. These forward-thinking companies constantly need new features, optimizations, and updates to their Shopify stores to stay competitive and responsive to market changes.

Shopify maintenance services also suit businesses that require a dedicated technical team to implement various marketing actions. These companies usually need seasoned Shopify experts for setting up promotions, handling SEO, or integrating marketing tools.

How Can GenovaWebArt Help Your Brand with Shopify Maintenance and Support - GenovaWebArt Shopify Plus agency

How Can GenovaWebArt Help Your Brand with Shopify Maintenance and Support?

GenovaWebArt offers more than Shopify maintenance and support — we build long-term partnerships. Most of the projects that started with redesign or migration later grew to include ongoing assistance.

Our company has clear and well-established processes to support and maintain your Shopify store effectively. We assist brands at every stage of their development, focusing on each business phase’s unique needs. GenovaWebArt also seamlessly connects you with the necessary specialists, offering theme developers, app developers, QA engineers, growth managers, and beyond.

Our Clients

GenovaWebArt’s Shopify maintenance and support portfolio proves we can create optimal solutions for our clients’ businesses.

Paper Republic, an Austrian Pulp & Paper Manufacturing company, GenovaWebArt Shopify Support and Maintenance Services portfolio example

Shopify Support and Maintenance Since 2014

Paper Republic

Paper Republic and GenovaWebArt’s cooperation is a testament to our enduring partnerships. We’ve supported this brand the longest among all our clients and witnessed their remarkable growth. Our experts have implemented several redesigns and numerous new features to help this leather notebook manufacturer succeed.

Ten Thousand, US brand from New York that specializes in sportswear, GenovaWebArt Shopify Theme development portfolio example

Shopify Support and Maintenance Since 2018

Ten Thousand

Our journey with the Ten Thousand sportswear brand began with basic adjustments to their Shopify website. Since then, we’ve gone through three complete redesigns and introduced new features like ambassador management, wishlist, and more. The development support we provided helped Ten Thousand on the road to becoming the leader in their niche.

Kit & Kin, UK Child Care Shopify Brand, GenovaWebArt Shopify app development portfolio example

Shopify Support and Maintenance Since 2018

Kit & Kin

GenovaWebArt has successfully migrated Kit & Kin from WooCommerce to Shopify, and that marked the start of our ongoing support. This babycare brand requires constant and comprehensive improvements for its expansion. That’s why our Shopify theme, Shopify app, and Shopify design departments are working on Kit & Kin’s website.

Yara International, a Norwegian chemical company, GenovaWebArt Shopify Support and Maintenance Services portfolio example

Shopify Support and Maintenance Since 2017

Yara International

Having developed Yara International’s store on Shopify Plus, GenovaWebArt experts continued with support and maintenance tasks. We regularly introduce updates to this agricultural brand’s several stores, each localized for a particular audience, and ensure they’re always relevant.

Early Rider, UK-based brand of bikes for kids and teenagers, GenovaWebArt Shopify Support and Maintenance Services portfolio example

Shopify Support and Maintenance Since 2018

Early Rider

During our cooperation with Early Rider, a kid bike manufacturer, we’ve consistently improved their site to boost sales. Our Shopify app developers facilitated this by delivering a custom product, order, and stock management solution.


How do I start my collaboration with GenovaWebArt?

Just contact our Shopify experts detailing your project. Then, we’ll select the best cooperation model for your business. We typically start with conducting a research to gain a clear understanding of the project scope and objectives. After that, we can offer relevant ongoing support packages.

What are the benefits of Shopify maintenance services?

When you opt for our Shopify maintenance services, you’re not just hiring one specialist. You get a whole team instead. GenovaWebArt offers experts in various Shopify areas, including design, theme, and app development. Even better, we streamline the process for you by assigning the project manager to report on the progress of your project.

Do you include Shopify security auditing and safety upgrades?

Shopify handles most of the security auditing and safety upgrades on its side. Yet, GenovaWebArt experts monitor numerous other parameters that may affect your online store and implement fixes when necessary.

Do you handle performance monitoring for Shopify websites?

Yes, we do. In addition to considering performance during the development phase, we also allocate time for comprehensive website optimization.

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