Custom CMS to Shopify Migration Services

Move to Shopify from custom CMS easily by choosing GenovaWebArt as your partner. Leverage our profound eCommerce background, custom solutions, and streamlined store migration processes.

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Custom CMS to Shopify Migration Services, GenovaWebArt Shopify agency

Custom CMS to Shopify Migration Benefits We Offer

Opting for GenovaWebArt’s services means smoothly handling everything from data migration to eCommerce development.

Custom CMS to Shopify Migration Services

Tailored Migration Strategy

Benefit from a tailored migration approach backed up by our specialists. We prepare for your switch thoroughly, considering your current CMS platform setup and business goals.

SEO and URL Transition

Make sure your search engine rankings stay the same during and after migration. GenovaWebArt experts carefully transfer your current URL structure, metadata, and 301 redirects without impacting your online visibility.

Custom Shopify Theme Development

Migrate your existing design or create a new one with our specialists. We tailor available Shopify themes to your needs or develop custom layouts from scratch.

Custom CMS to Shopify Migration and Optimization Services

Legacy Systems Database Expertise

Export your store’s data from legacy systems effortlessly by leveraging our help. We transfer your customer, product, order, and other vital information to Shopify smoothly, ensuring its accuracy and integrity.

Secure Data Migration

Reach unparalleled security with our custom CMS to Shopify migration services. Our team protects your store’s confidential data during and after the transfer.

Continuous Performance Optimization

Enhance your new Shopify store’s capabilities and performance through our ongoing support. We introduce the latest technologies and relevant updates to make sure your website stays fast, reliable, and competitive.

Our Custom CMS to Shopify Migration Services

GenovaWebArt specialists not only move from custom CMS to Shopify but also deliver plenty of helpful services along the way.

Comprehensive Data Migration

Our professionals handle a complete transfer of your current store’s data. We thoroughly migrate various types of information, including customer details, orders, products, and more.

Custom Theme and Design Creation

Our expertise goes beyond just setting up a suitable Shopify theme. We customize it following your requirements and develop custom design elements that reflect your brand.

eCommerce Feature Transfer

We know how crucial it is to preserve your current eCommerce processes. Our experts seamlessly migrate your existing eCommerce features to Shopify, setting up payment gateways, shipping options, and more.

User Experience Enhancement

GenovaWebArt specialists ensure simple navigation and UX in your new Shopify store. We strive to deliver engaging shopping experiences to your customers.

Custom Shopify App Development

We offer more than just integrating applications from the Shopify App Store. Our experts can develop custom ones with the necessary features for your business needs.

Ongoing Technical Support and Upgrades

Our specialists keep supporting your store after moving from custom CMS to Shopify. We expertly tackle technical issues and implement updates as necessary.

Why Choose GenovaWebArt for Custom CMS to Shopify Migration Services

GenovaWebArt considers each stage of your migration project critical. We plan our work thoroughly and cover all tasks with dedication.


Project Kickoff

Our first step in custom CMS to Shopify migration is a kickoff meeting. We discuss your current CMS platform features and structure and outline goals for switching to Shopify.


Business and Technical Analysis

After learning your requirements, we handle a comprehensive business, competitor, and audience analysis. Our experts plan the migration, simultaneously studying your platform’s technical aspects.


Strategic Migration Execution

GenovaWebArt specialists move from custom CMS to Shopify at this stage. We cover design, development, integration, and data migration tasks.


Comprehensive Testing

Our company conducts testing of your new store before launching it to the market. We ensure proper customer, order, product, and cart migration and verify that all functionalities work correctly.


Launch and Ongoing Support

Once your store goes live, we will support it through constant technical updates and improvements to user experience. Our experts ensure your business thrives in the long run.

What Is Custom CMS to Shopify Migration Service, GenovaWebArt agency illustration

What Is Custom CMS to Shopify Migration Service?

Moving from custom CMS to Shopify means transferring your existing store to a new eCommerce platform. This service is like an all-inclusive vacation — it covers every aspect, from development tasks to data migration.

Custom CMS to Shopify migration usually starts with data export with a complete backup of your customer, product, order, and other website content. It then evolves into your store’s theme design, custom feature development, and app integration. This process involves plenty of tasks in between, and GenovaWebArt can handle those effortlessly.

Who Needs Custom CMS to Shopify Migration Services, GenovaWebArt agency illustration

Who Needs Custom CMS to Shopify Migration Services?

Companies that use custom CMSs for their eCommerce processes may want to leverage numerous Shopify benefits. The common reasons for switching are dissatisfaction with legacy systems and the desire to experience Shopify’s user-friendly features.

Shopify eCommerce is best for businesses that have outgrown their current platforms and aim for improved scalability, security, and performance. Moving from custom CMS to Shopify will allow them to manage their operations more easily and deliver a better shopping experience to their customers.

How Can GenovaWebArt Help with Custom CMS to Shopify Migration, GenovaWebArt agency illustration

How Can GenovaWebArt Help with Custom CMS to Shopify Migration?

As a seasoned Shopify expert with official certification, GenovaWebArt is your trusted migration vendor. We’ve assisted over 200 brands with their Shopify operations, handling development, design, and replatforming tasks.

We pride ourselves on gathering highly specialized talent, having created dedicated departments for Shopify Theme Development, Shopify App Development, Shopify Design, and beyond. Our experts can migrate from custom CMS to Shopify smoothly, offering related services in between.


Why should I consider migrating to Shopify from my custom CMS?

Shopify is an eCommerce-centered platform. It means you get streamlined sales, shipping, and order management processes with plenty of built-in eCommerce features. Shopify also offers extensive customization, a large app ecosystem, and a decent user experience.

What does the custom eCommerce CMS migration process involve?

Moving from custom CMS to Shopify includes transferring all your store’s existing data to a new platform. This process also encompasses theme development and customization, design, custom feature development, and app integration.

How much does it cost to migrate to Shopify from a custom CMS?

Migration costs may vary significantly depending on your store’s size and the amount of data for transfer. The price differs based on the number of features and integrations as well. If you need an accurate estimation, reach out to our team for a consultation.

What types of custom CMS systems are typically migrated to Shopify?

GenovaWebArt can migrate different types of custom CMSs to Shopify. We have sufficient expertise in various technologies and databases and can handle even the most complex migrations.

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