Shopify App Development Services

Shopify application development services help to fit the specific business needs, from driving profits up to expanding customer base. Increasing the capabilities of a Shopify store requires a professional and tailored approach to develop a custom Shopify solution for your business.

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Custom Shopify App Development Solutions We Provide

Expertise is crucial to get the best ROI with custom Shopify app development services. Our team with 8+ years of experience in Shopify application development has over 40 cases of helping clients achieve their business goals with customized Shopify solutions.

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Shopify App Development Company with Proven Experience

Since 2014, our Shopify app development department has accumulated vast experience in delivering best practices to bring maximum value to our existing and new clients. From adding a previously unavailable feature to making a custom ERP – we help businesses at different levels.

Tailored Shopify App Solutions

Custom Shopify app development is a frequent request from our clients, so we offer it as our core service. Each company has a unique development plan. To support its realization in Shopify, we clarify the exact business goals.

Saving Time for Clients

With Shopify apps, business owners get more time to concentrate their efforts on business development. Our solutions take over the routine tasks of Shopify store management and make clients’ life easier.

Shopify Apps of Any Complexity

Each custom shopify app has different requirements. While starting cooperation with our clients, we want to hear about their pains first to offer ways of dealing with them. Our portfolio includes several projects with startups, mid-sized companies, and international corporations.

Understanding Business Needs

We develop Shopify apps after completing an investigation of business processes. This way, we can address and improve the operations and make Shopify work better for our clients.

Types of Shopify Applications We Develop

Our clients sell better and faster thanks to the various Shopify app development services we provide.

Custom Functionality

We work with all Shopify API resources, including Products, Order, Inventory and Customer Management categories. Upon clients’ request, we can improve them with custom features that will be displayed in Shopify Themes.


To facilitate business growth, we offer integrations of different complexity, ranging from simply adding a local shipping provider to integrating with complex ERP systems (like SAP).

Sales and Marketing Apps

To boost sales and marketing efforts, we can augment these processes with Shopify apps and enhance them with custom functions to optimize a Shopify store and increase efficiency.

Shopify Subscription Apps

If your subscription app from Shopify App Store cannot fulfill all your business needs, we can boost it with Shopify Subscription API. We have been working with custom subscriptions for over 5 years.

Shopify Plus Apps

We can adapt a wide range of Shopify Apps tools to your particular business tasks. We have been working with this package since its appearance and know all its ins and outs.

Shopify App Support

After launching a Shopify app, merchants ask us to keep it running smoothly and implement updates. We offer Shopify app support, meaning adding new features and implementing best practices for achieving new business goals.

Why Choose GenovaWebArt for Shopify Custom App Development Services?

Clear and transparent processes are a cornerstone of business success. The same goes for Shopify app development projects.



We arrange a meeting with a client to get business needs clear. At this stage, we ask questions about a business problem and end the session with an understanding of how we can address it.



We do our research about client’s business and its industry. We collect all the project requirements and discover the functionality of the client’s store.


Planning and Prototyping

After gathering all the information, we present a project plan and a prototype to a client. Once the discussion is over, we both understand the exact result we’re heading to.


Design and Development

During this shopify app development stage, we’ll create a wireframe of clients’ app as a blueprint for building out all of its features, make it from scratch, and develop its functionality as discussed.



As soon as we finish developing a Shopify app, we test it to ensure it works as expected and displays all the information correctly. For us, it is an essential step. If something doesn’t work right, we’ll know about it and fix it.


Launch and Measure

When everything’s ready, we’ll guide you through the app’s work. If website visitors interact with the app, we’ll also check their interactions to make sure everything works correctly.

Our Clients

Here are the clients who hired our specialists in Shopify app development to maximize their profits.

Kit & Kin, UK Child Care Shopify Brand, GenovaWebArt Shopify app development portfolio example

Shopify App Development: Custom Subscriptions & Additional Functionality

Kit & Kin

Our Shopify app development team migrated the subscription system from WooCommerce to Shopify Subscription API. A number of subscription management options are available for customers as well as for the team who use the options from the app admin panel helping customers to update their subscriptions when needed. Specific requirements have been covered by custom subscription and sales analytics and custom integration with Klaviyo providing additional data for profile segmentation, analytics, and flows.

Workout Meals, Fitness food delivery brand from Australia, GenovaWebArt Shopify app development portfolio Example

Shopify App Development: Custom ERP, Integrations and Subscriptions

Workout Meals

Using a subject-based approach and the latest technology, our developers have created an app that manage almost every aspect of the kitchen. Thanks to our app, it became possible to create and adjust meal-products with a point setting of ingredients, nutrients, allergens, and so on. The app also has a number of point settings for delivery regions, orders, detailed reports on each order, meal, as well as a custom system for creating meal pack bundles.

Early Rider, UK-based brand of bikes for kids and teenagers, GenovaWebArt Shopify app development portfolio Example

Shopify App Development: Extended Loyalty Program, Bike Configurator and Warehouse Management

Early Rider

Our Shopify app experts made software for a bicycle customization business with an extended loyalty program that covers the inventory accounting in all countries. The app synchronizes stocks in two stores for accurate stock management, collects orders, creates lists for upload, and has a comparison tool of bicycle parameters. This way, the app takes over numerous functions that work on the back-end and the store’s front end.


Is it Better to Choose among Existing Apps in Shopify App Store or Build My Own Shopify App?

The exact answer to this question depends on your goals. Generally, the existing apps cover most merchants’ needs, so you can rely on them. However, if you need a tailored solution that addresses your specific business needs, we recommend investing in custom Shopify apps. The value they bring justifies their cost.

What Are the Programming Languages for Shopify App Development?

The main criterion in choosing a language is fitting the Shopify API rules. Most programming languages (including Ruby, PHP, JavaScript, and Python) can cope with this task. For information output on the admin panel, choose React as Shopify has chosen this library for interacting with merchants.

How to Choose the Best Shopify App Development Agency?

Before hiring Shopify app developers, check the company’s experience in creating Shopify apps similar to those you need. In this case, the Shopify agency can recommend a working solution for your business too.

Can GenovaWebArt Make a Shopify App for My Store?

Sure, our Shopify app developers are ready to solve your business task. Our company has over eight years of experience in Shopify app development, creates Shopify apps of any complexity and for businesses of any size, and adopts best practices and a wide range of tools to produce tailored solutions for B2B, eCommerce, and other industries.

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