Enhancing Functionality: How GenovaWebArt Changes Online Food Experiences with MìLà

MìLà, a modern Chinese food brand, successfully bridges the gap between restaurant-quality cuisine and the comfort of consumers’ homes. Offering end-to-end Shopify services, GenovaWebArt has been the driving force behind this venture since 2020. From enhancing existing website functionality to introducing new features, explore how we made MìLà’s culinary journey digital.

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Mila online store, rebranding and subscription integration example - GenovaWebArt case study

The Challenge

MìLà tasked GenovaWebArt to integrate a subscription model, create a Subscription page, and adjust products/collection pages accordingly. We also had to handle website rebranding, moving from TheXCJ to the new MìLà domain and completely replacing branding elements following the provided color scheme and fonts. Ultimately, the client demanded our ongoing support services, which we’ve been delivering consistently.

The Solution

Solving the challenges, we quickly and efficiently set up the Shopify theme and took control of its code quality. During the website rebranding process, GenovaWebArt implemented new styles, developed various landing pages, and collaborated with SEO optimization and marketing teams.

In the ongoing support process, we constantly expand the existing functionality of MìLà’s website. Leveraging JSON templates, we employ only the most relevant approaches and best practices in custom development. Notably, we updated the product page by introducing dynamic customization options that enable real-time changes to colors, icons, text, videos, and other elements based on the selected product variant.

Services we provided


Custom Shopify Theme development

Shopify Theme Redesign

Marketing tools integration

Growth support

Services We Delivered

GenovaWebArt has tackled plenty of tasks to help MìLà reach its eCommerce success:

Mila online store, Services we delivered, Website Rebranding example - GenovaWebArt case study

Website Rebranding

Following the updated brand book, we revamped all Shopify theme styles to preserve the brand’s familiar look and feel while adapting to the complete rebranding requirements. Throughout the process, we developed landing pages according to the provided designs and simultaneously checked other pages, updating them to reflect the new brand identity.

Landing Page Creation and AB Testing

GenovaWebArt typically collaborates with a marketing strategy and AB testing team to deliver landing pages that convert. In the MìLà project, we enabled extensive landing page customization capabilities by strategically placing all essential components in a theme editor, ultimately creating multiple versions of pages using pre-designed templates — no additional development required.

Functional Product Page Templates Creation

A product page update was one of the functional enhancements GenovaWebArt offered to MìLà. Our main objective was to develop a product page where all information, from custom variant names to background colors, would dynamically change based on the selected variant. Using metafields, scripts, and custom code, we implemented a smooth process for creating new variants while ensuring seamless switching between options and real-time updates of images and text sections, prioritizing optimal speed for mobile device users.

Mila online store, Services we delivered, Shopify Online Store 2.0 Migration example - GenovaWebArt case study

Online Store 2.0 Migration

We migrated MìLà’s theme to the new Shopify feature, Sections Everywhere. That’s how we ensured up-to-date and user-friendly experience and simplified website management for employees.

Ongoing Support

Throughout our collaboration with MìLà, we’ve been constantly improving the website, making it more convenient for buyers and merchants. GenovaWebArt focuses on the latest technical updates and the best practices offered by Shopify.

Mila online store, services we delivered, Home page, desktop - GenovaWebArt case study
Mila online store, services we delivered, Collection page, desktop - GenovaWebArt case study
Mila online store, services we delivered, Product page, desktop - GenovaWebArt case study
Mila online store, services we delivered, Video section, desktop - GenovaWebArt case study

Shopify Development We Delivered

Here is the Shopify development work that GenovaWebArt handled for MìLà:

Mila online store, Shopify development we delivered, Klaviyo integration - GenovaWebArt case study

Klaviyo Integration

MìLà gained additional insights for profile segmentation, analytics, and flows owing to our custom integration with Klaviyo. We also enabled seamless email communication by incorporating the contact and back-in-stock notification form into Klaviyo.

Subscription Integration

We integrated the Recharge app after MìLà decided to introduce subscriptions into their business model. During this, we considered the client’s specifics and requirements, which included additional customizations.

Brand Migration to a New Domain

During rebranding, we helped MìLà smoothly switch the domain from TheXCJ to eatmila.com. We also set up Google Search Console and Google Tag Manager and advised the client on correctly using redirects.

Mila online store, Shopify development we delivered, Website Speed Boost - GenovaWebArt case study

Cross-Browser Compatibility and Quality Assurance

Another crucial process handled by our team involved comprehensive website QA. As part of this, we meticulously tested fonts, headings, cross-browser compatibility, and responsive display across various devices.

Website Speed

MìLà website’s speed consistently outperforms competitors, as confirmed by Google PageSpeed Insights and Google Lighthouse tests our team conducted.

Mila online store, Shopify development we delivered, Home page, mobile - GenovaWebArt case study
Mila online store, Shopify development we delivered, Product page, mobile - GenovaWebArt case study
Mila online store, Shopify development we delivered, Custom page, mobile - GenovaWebArt case study
Mila online store, Shopify development we delivered, Cart upsell, mobile - GenovaWebArt case study

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