Arthur Korniyenko


Arthur used to be a web developer — however, he has been more involved in business analytics and Shopify architecture creation for the last seven years.

Developing complex Shopify Plus systems that would facilitate the lives of numerous brands worldwide is his true passion. So Arthur finds it especially pleasing to see those names getting into top-500 and sometimes even the top-10 list of Shopify stores

Professional Experience:

Since 2012, Arthur has been the founder of GenovaWebArt agency. Its primary focus is helping both new and well-established Shopify brands grow and maintain stable revenue streams.

His team's portfolio accounts for more than 200 completed projects. No wonder he and his colleagues have faced dozens of challenges and discovered promising cases that could become the future eCommerce rockstars. Arthur believes this practice and experience can bring enormous value to many businesses and help them smoothly grow.

How I can help you:

Arthur has published various articles on developing businesses via their Shopify pages and implementing complex systems for driving profits there. His recommendations and tips will help your business stand out and increase the attention of potential customers on Shopify.

If you have any questions or feedback regarding the content published by Arthur, feel free to contact him via LinkedIn or email by clicking on the icons below the profile picture here.

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