Can a Shopify pop-up become a game changer for your online store, or is it just an annoying floating window? In fact, it is a must if you want to grow your sales and convert random visitors into loyal customers.

The average pop-up conversion rate is 11.09%. But you can get even more if you know how to implement this tool correctly.

This is precisely what we will tell you in today's ultimate guide. Keep reading to learn how to create effective Shopify pop-ups, what type to choose, and what to avoid when adding such a window to your website.

Being a Shopify development expert since 2012, GenovaWebArt is eager to share its experience and valuable insights and teach you how to increase Shopify sales using pop-ups.

Shopify pop-ups in the MiLa store developed by GenovaWebArt, Screenshot for Blog Article - Shopify pop-ups

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Creating a High-converting Shopify Pop-up

We suggest not going too far but starting with a guide on creating effective pop-ups you can take advantage of right now. So, what are the main rules?

1. Define Your Pop-up Purpose

Shopify pop-ups are known for their ability to increase sales and conversions. However, by using them, you can achieve even more, for example, push visitors to make a purchase or improve your brand reputation.

Thus, determining the goal you want to achieve is the basis for choosing the pop-up type and developing a further marketing strategy.

2. Choose the Right Type

When you know your goal, choosing the type of pop-up that is most effective in achieving it is essential. After all, if you just want to recommend products to your customers, there's no point in adding a pop-up with a mini-game. 

Below, we will discuss different types of pop-ups and their functions.

3. Set the Optimal Timing and Targeting

Make sure your pop-ups appear when visitors are most likely to be interested. For example, if they add products to their cart, it’s a golden moment to show them discounts or message about free shipping. In this case, your pop-ups will be valuable, not annoying.

4. Create an Appealing Design

It’s impossible to create a pop-up on Shopify for effective marketing without the right design. The visual should correspond to the message so the visitors can instantly understand the idea, even without reading it. For example, if you offer a discount on clothes, include an image of the garments in your pop-up.

In addition, your design should be simple and well-visible. A complex composition can cause a text message to be lost.

5. Add a Clear and Catchy Message

Add custom pop-up in Shopify that has a short and understandable message. In online commerce, you have only seconds to grab customers’ attention, so long reads are inappropriate. Try to be direct and provide facts. If you offer a great deal, just write how much discount customers can get and add a CTA. 

Using Shopify Pop-ups to Boost Sales and Conversions

When it comes to Shopify pop-up types, there is no specific number. Honestly, it all depends on your creative marketing mind. You can always come up with something new and compelling. However, we want to single out the most popular kinds used to boost sales and conversions.

Welcome Pop-up

Potential customers see this pop-up when they first visit the online store. It encourages them to subscribe to a newsletter, offers a discount on their initial order, or invites them to sign up for the website.


  • Build an email list
  • Generate more sales
  • Increase the number of authorized users for marketing analytics
Welcome pop-up in the Kit and Kin store developed by GenovaWebArt on Shopify, Screenshot for Blog Article - Shopify pop-ups

Exit-intent Pop-up

These pop-ups on Shopify appear when visitors leave the website. They prompt them to complete their purchases if they have something in their cart or offer an additional discount on products.


  • Boost sales
  • Reduce cart abandonment rates
Exit-intent pop-up example, Screenshot for Blog Article - Shopify pop-ups

Email Pop-up

A special subscribe pop-up on Shopify is designed exclusively for lead generation. In this case, the window message says that clients will get valuable content right into their emails. Make sure to share really helpful freebies to avoid damaging your credibility.


  • Generate leads
  • Build your store's reputation
Email pop-up in the Paper Republic store developed by GenovaWebArt on Shopify, Screenshot for Blog Article - Shopify pop-ups

Recommendation pop-up

If the visitor is already shopping, let them see pop-ups with products that perfectly complement their choice. For example, if a customer buys a new jacket, they may also need a hat or shoes.


  • Increase the check amount
  • Improve shopping experience
  • Establish your brand as an expert in customer preferences
Recommendation pop-up in the Early Rider store developed by GenovaWebArt on Shopify, Screenshot for Blog Article - Shopify pop-ups

Gamified Pop-up

A typical Shopify pop-up can be tedious. After all, users see tonnes of similar ad banners and images everywhere. The way out of this situation is Shopify gamification. Let visitors see the discount and spin the wheel, play a mini-game, or catch a great deal.


  • Boost visitors’ engagement
  • Increase sales
  • Attract new customers
Spin the wheel pop-up example, Screenshot for Blog Article - Shopify pop-ups

Discount and Special Offer Pop-up

Using the Shopify pop-up window, let your visitors know you're currently offering crazy Black Friday discounts or free shipping. By the way, the latter can significantly increase sales, as 47% of customers do not complete purchases that require additional costs.


  • Grow your sales
  • Bring in new customers
Special offer pop-up  in the Ten Thousand store developed by GenovaWebArt on Shopify, Screenshot for Blog Article - Shopify pop-ups

Survey Pop-up

If you want to understand your customers better, these appearing windows also come in handy. Survey pop-ups are an excellent way to ask visitors a few questions about their shopping preferences and needs. Make your questionnaires concise and interactive to get more responses.


  • Strengthen your marketing strategy
  • Enhance the user experience
  • Improve your brand reputation by showing you care about your clients’ opinions
Survey pop-up example, Screenshot for Blog Article - Shopify pop-ups

FOMO Pop-up

FOMO stands for “Fear of missing out” and is a powerful marketing trick. Since 49% of people, aged 21 to 99, experience this fear, your strategy can benefit from it. A FOMO pop-up usually tells visitors they have a last chance to use the discount or buy the product at a special price.


  • Push the visitor to make a purchase
  • Increase sales
  • Grab customers’ attention
FOMO Shopify pop-up example, Screenshot for Blog Article - Shopify pop-ups

Now you know more about the different types of windows. Then, you should understand how to add pop-ups on Shopify to get the most out of them. 

Best Practices for Using Shopify Pop-ups

A Shopify pop-up can be a fun way to increase sales and convert casual visitors into customers. However, to make it work, you need to follow the best practices of using Shopify pop-ups.

Don't Overdo the Number

The variety of types does not mean that you have to add them all to your online store. If visitors are attacked with floating windows from every corner of your website, you will only get customer irritation, not sales growth. That’s why you better choose one pop-up that best meets your current purpose.

Avoid Being Annoying or Intrusive

A pop-up discount Shopify can be attractive but also annoy potential customers. Choose the right timing and frequency instead of bombarding visitors with tonnes of windows. Make sure your messages are helpful, relevant, and easy to dismiss.

Use a Personalized Approach

65% of customers expect personalized offers. This approach will help build better customer relationships when you create a pop-up on Shopify. Addressing a logged-in user by name, greeting a second-time guest with "Happy to see you again," or personalized recommendations can improve the shopping experience, increase return rates, and boost sales.

Keep Your Pop-ups Concise and Up to the Point

Your store visitors do not have time to deal with long, confusing messages. They should understand what they are being offered in a few seconds. That’s why avoid long paragraphs or too much information but share the essentials. Add the appropriate visuals to illustrate the pop-up intention better.

Improve Your Pop-ups with A/B Testing

Pop-up A/B testing is not a waste of time but a necessary step in determining what works best for your audience. Moreover, it is easy to do. You only need to launch two types of Shopify pop-up windows and see which one has a higher conversion rate. Sometimes, a minor change in timing, text, or visuals can be game-changing in the effectiveness of the pop-up.

How Can GenovaWebArt Assist You?

GenovaWebArt specializes in developing Shopify solutions for your business growth. Our professional team can help you:

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use the Shopify pop-up?

First, you have to log in to your Shopify admin panel. Then, find "Theme settings" and look for pop-up settings and enable the feature if it's not on. Customize your pop-ups and set triggers and timing. Preview and save your changes. Remember to test the pop-up on your live store to ensure it works smoothly.

What is the best pop-up for Shopify?

It’s difficult to single out one pop-up for Shopify as all of them have specific purposes that can be helpful for your store's growth. To choose the most appropriate one, you need to determine what business goal you want to achieve, for example, building an email list, boosting sales, improving customer experience, or other.

What are the best pop-up apps for Shopify?

There are many pop-up apps you can try. Some of the most popular are Wisepops, WooHoo Pop-ups, Poptin Pop-ups, Optimonk, and more. If you need something more specific, you can add custom pop-up in Shopify created by an experienced developer.

How do I manage pop-ups on Shopify?

Managing windows is as simple as to create product pop-up in Shopify store. All you need is to log in to your admin panel, go to “Online store,” select “Themes,” and click on “Customize.” You can turn pop-ups on or off, set up their content and design, and change triggers or timing there. Make sure to save your changes when you are done.

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