Setting up your Shopify store is only the beginning of your eCommerce adventure. Let’s not forget that your road to success passes through fierce competition and shifting consumer trends, which demand more strategic approaches to increase sales on Shopify.

But fear not, as GenovaWebArt has got your back. In this post, we’ll share the top 15 tips to improve Shopify sales, all tried and tested by our dedicated experts. From email marketing to page load speed optimization — learn about the best tactics to getting your store off the ground. Having tried these very strategies for our clients like Winky Lux, Kit & Kin, Ten Thousand, and countless others, GenovaWebArt specialists witnessed the remarkable transformations your business can achieve.

A Ten Thousand online store, designed and developed by the GenovaWebArt team, Screenshot for Blog Article - How to Increase Shopify Sales

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Why Do You Get Traffic But Not Sales?

Suppose you’ve created your Shopify store and driven traffic to it. Now, you start noticing the first visitors pouring into your virtual storefront. Still, a question lingers in your mind — why are all these visitors not converting into actual sales? Here are some possible explanations:

  • Lack of trust. Unsecured checkout processes, unclear return policies, or missing customer reviews make visitors think twice before buying something in your store.
  • Weak navigation. A confusing website structure usually frustrates visitors and demotivates them to browse your Shopify store further.
  • Non-responsiveness. If you don’t optimize Shopify for mobile, you create an obstacle for potential customers.
  • Poor product descriptions. Uninformative and vague descriptions make your customers hesitant about purchases.
  • Poor-quality images. As with product descriptions, blurry and subpar-quality pictures fail to demonstrate your items effectively.
  • Weak design. An outdated, cluttered, or too-ordinary store’s look and feel discourages visitors.
  • Wrong audience. Not understanding who your customers are may hinder your Shopify sales increase.
  • Wrong messaging. Not addressing your customers’ pain points or failing to demonstrate your products’ value typically results in missed sales opportunities.

Now that you know the common obstacles, explore how to increase Shopify conversion rate and sales.

15 Tips to Increase Shopify Sales

What does it take to turn your store’s visitors into regular customers? We’ve prepared the best 15 tips to increase Shopify sales, leaving no stone unturned in your eCommerce success.

1. Use SEO to Increase Your Store Traffic

Search engine optimization is a free way to attract organic traffic to your Shopify store. You only need to optimize your product titles, descriptions, meta tags, and URLs with relevant keywords. 

The best part? Shopify boasts numerous built-in SEO-friendly features.

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2. Optimize Page Loading Speed for a Better User Experience

Your store will most likely fail to attract customers if it loads slowly. It will only frustrate visitors and push them to abandon your eCommerce website. Hopefully, you can improve page loading speed by:

  • Compressing images
  • Minimizing code
  • Using caching
  • Reducing broken links and redirects

With these strategies in place, you can enhance the user experience and boost your chances of ranking higher in search engine results.

3. Run Targeted Ads on Facebook or Instagram

Facebook and Instagram social media platforms are lucrative advertising channels with extensive user bases and advanced targeting features. Try to create compelling ads using eye-catching visuals, writing memorable texts, and testing different audience segments.

4. Leverage Email Marketing Campaigns to Nurture Leads and Drive Sales

Email marketing is still the leading tool for marketers. It allows them to create personalized campaigns and steadily communicate with your customers throughout their buying journey. Here are the opportunities it offers:

  • Sending tailored product recommendations, abandoned cart reminders, and exclusive discounts and promotions
  • Building a targeted and permission-based email list by offering discounts or valuable content in exchange for email addresses
  • Collecting emails through social media by implementing your sign-up form in ads or social media pages
  • Retargeting your customers by showing your products in the emails

5. Identify Your Ideal Customer Persona and Their Needs

Knowing your ideal customer is a great way to get started with your Shopify sales increase. But how can you understand your target audience better?

Adopt the approach that will allow you to target your offerings, marketing messages, and other incentives to the right audience. Your activities should include:

  • Create customer personas, meaning fictional yet data-driven profiles of your perfect customers
  • Identify their demographics, preferences, pain points, and buying behaviors

6. Offer Discounts, Promotions, or Loyalty Programs to Incentivize Purchases

Everyone loves a good deal, and offering discounts and promotions can motivate customers to buy from your online store. For this, provide limited-time offers, bundle products, or introduce loyalty programs that reward repeat customers.

Our team at GenovaWebArt leveraged this strategy for our Winky Lux client. We implemented Gift With a Purchase, Buy More Get More, and Rewards Program promo solutions.

A rewards program implemented in the Winky Lux store by GenovaWebArt, Screenshot for Blog Article - How to Increase Shopify Sales

7. Set Up Google Analytics to Track Website Performance

Reduce Shopify bounce rate and increase sales by installing Google Analytics 4 for insights into your overall website’s performance. With this tool, you can:

  • Track where your traffic is coming from
  • Check your conversion and bounce rates
  • Study user behavior in your Shopify store

This data helps you understand which marketing channels drive the most sales and allows you to find ways for your store to improve.

8. Incorporate Trust Signals and Customer Reviews and Testimonials

Customers are likely to shop in stores they consider reliable. How to make your eCommerce website radiate that same sense of trustworthiness? Use these methods:

  • Display trust badges, e.g., ones that indicate secure payment options
  • Add genuine customer reviews
  • Feature testimonials that highlight positive experiences

With these things in place, you build confidence in your brand and increase conversions. See how our client, Kit & Kin, instills trust in their products:

Trust badges in the Kit and Kin online store, Screenshot for Blog Article - How to Increase Shopify Sales

9. Streamline Navigation and Site Structure for Easy Browsing

If your website leaves customers confused and lost in a labyrinth of unreachable products, their patience will swiftly fade. Embrace clear and intuitive website navigation to prevent this situation. The following tips can help you with that:

  • Organize products into logical categories and subcategories
  • Implement search functionality
  • Enable smart filters for a more precise search
  • Create straightforward menus and tabs

Look what GenovaWebArt experts did for the Ten Thousand online store:

The smooth navigation delivered by GenovaWebArt for a Ten Thousand store, Screenshot for Blog Article - How to Increase Shopify Sales

10. Write Detailed and Informative Product Descriptions

Well-written product descriptions capture your potential customer’s attention and demonstrate the real value behind your goods. Ensure your description:

  • Goes through all product details
  • Engages customers and prompts them to buy your product
  • Highlights your product’s unique features, use cases, and advantages
  • Anticipates customer questions and provides answers within the description

Here is an example of how our client, Paper Republic, adds decent product descriptions to all of their items:

An example of a detailed product description in a Paper Republic online store, Screenshot for Blog Article - How to Increase Shopify Sales

11. Highlight Key Features, Benefits, and Unique Selling Points

Conveying the value proposition of your products is essential if you aim to increase sales for Shopify. How do you know what distinguishes you from competitors? It can be anything, for example:

  • Competitive pricing
  • Swift product delivery
  • Favorable shipping rates
  • Unique brand values
  • Unparalleled quality

Find out what makes your products better than others in your niche — and showcase your strengths through the Shopify store.

12. Use High-Quality Product Images and Videos

A product photo taken via smartphone on the spur of the moment isn’t the best way to demonstrate your goods. It’s where professional photography and videography make a complete difference in capturing the essence of your offerings. 

Show your products from the best angles and deliver a sense of professionalism through high-quality photo and video content.

13. Explore Influencer Collaborations and Partnerships

Leverage influencer marketing to get more sales on Shopify. It’s indeed a marketing phenomenon where you attract customers who trust their favorite bloggers or other online personalities. Here’s how to use this strategy to your benefit:

  • Identify influencers whose audience aligns with your target market
  • Select a platform where your chosen influencers are most active
  • Conduct more in-depth research, studying influencers’ audience demographics, engagement rates, and relevance to your niche
  • Suggest partnerships and discuss your obligations

14. Use A/B Testing to Experiment with Different Strategies

Wondering which landing page layout converts more customers? Or which headline is more engaging? Create two versions and test them separately. 

Here’s a look into the A/B testing process step-by-step:

  • Formulate hypotheses
  • Create tests that focus on specific variables
  • Implement the changes
  • Analyze the results

The GenovaWebArt team conducts A/B testing to verify the most winning pages or their separate elements. We did that for our client, Ten Thousand, to deliver the best results.

15. Provide Exceptional Customer Service and Post-Purchase Support

Prioritize timely and responsive communication with your customers to increase their satisfaction and loyalty and boost sales. Here is what you should do:

  • Handle questions and concerns promptly
  • Provide a comprehensive FAQ section on your website
  • Connect with your audience through various channels like email, social media, or live chat

Don’t forget to send post-purchase messages to show that you care about your customer’s experience with your store and products.

Look at how we helped our client, MìLà, foster communication with their customers through a live chat feature:

A live chat feature integrated by GenovaWebArt into the MìLà online store, Screenshot for Blog Article - How to Increase Shopify Sales

GenovaWebArt Can Help Increase Shopify Sales for You

Consider GenovaWebArt as your professional partner in increasing Shopify sales. Even better, our expertise extends beyond implementing the abovementioned strategies — we also excel in optimizing your store for peak performance and seamless user experiences.

How do we work our magic? It’s all given to our whole range of Shopify-related services. For you, our team can:

  • Develop and customize a Shopify theme
  • Develop a Shopify app
  • Customize Shopify store
  • Design a Shopify store
  • Deliver an advanced Shopify solution from scratch

Get ready to reach success and increase eCommerce sales! Shopify experts from GenovaWebArt are by your side with the transformative solution you need. Explore our portfolio to glimpse the exceptional end-to-end services we’ve delivered to over 200 clients.


The expert tips shared here are secret weapons to Shopify sales increase that will help you transform your store immediately. They provide you with all the knowledge needed to start this process.

But remember, you don’t have to go through this alone. The experienced professionals at GenovaWebArt are ready to facilitate your eCommerce success and profits. Just contact our team to join forces and implement winning strategies for growth.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it typically take to see an increase in sales after implementing these tips?

It depends on which tips exactly you have leveraged. Some changes may yield immediate results, while others might take weeks or months to bring noticeable improvements.

Is it necessary to hire an expert or agency to improve my sales, or can I do it myself?

You can opt to improve Shopify sales independently, but it usually requires significant effort. That’s why hiring an agency like GenovaWebArt is the best solution. With us, you can get in-depth expertise and top optimization techniques.

How can I measure the effectiveness of the implemented strategies to increase Shopify sales?

You can track KPIs like conversion and bounce rates, website traffic, average order value, and revenue. Additionally, tools like Google Analytics give you insights into strategies’ effectiveness.

Are there any specific strategies to retain customers and encourage repeat purchases on Shopify?

Yes. You can implement loyalty programs, discounts, and personalized email campaigns.

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