In your Shopify store, one page holds more power than you might think. It’s the Shopify About Us page — a seemingly humble corner of your online presence that, in fact, has the potential to impact your business significantly.

As one of the most visited pages on your website, About Us builds trust, proves credibility, and forms a connection with your customers. While many eCommerce brands overlook the importance of this online store’s section, you will likely want to avoid neglecting it.

This article will explain how to create an effective About Us page on Shopify that grabs attention and converts curious visitors into regular customers. As an expert Shopify design and development company, GenovaWebArt will guide you through this process, sharing tips and examples from our experience.

The About Us page of the Kit & Kin store developed by GenovaWebArt, Screenshot for Blog Article - Create an About Us Page on Shopify

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Why Your Shopify About Us Page Deserves Your Full Focus

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Many Shopify stores consider the About Us page a formality. They would include it with some basic information stating their brand’s name and story. So, what’s wrong with that approach? It often appears too generic.

Instead, it’s better to consider the About Us page on Shopify as a robust business tool, not just another part of your website to cover. Here’s why it’s so crucial:

  • Tell your brand’s story. As a business owner, you have a unique tale to share. That journey led you to launch Shopify store and offer valuable products or services. Stories have an innate ability to captivate and engage people. By conveying yours effectively, you attract customers and make them care about your brand.
  • Humanize your business. Customers who visit your About Us page want to know who they buy from. They want to understand the people behind your brand — their motivations, expertise, and passion. A glimpse into the personalities that form your business makes your store more relatable and credible.
  • Highlight your unique selling proposition. The About Us page communicates what sets your brand apart and why customers should choose your products or services. With its help, you position your business as the solution to your client’s problems and needs.

What Information You Should Include on Your About Us Page

When making the About Us page that converts on Shopify, several elements are essential to engage visitors and turn them into loyal customers. Here’s the information that delivers a complete picture of your business:

  • Your brand’s story — written as any other narrative, with plot, character, conflict, theme, and setting included
  • Your business model — a brief overview of how your business operates
  • Your and your team’s images — introducing the people behind the brand
  • Persuasive language — using the language that resonates with your ideal customer
  • Testimonials, social proof, and certifications — including accomplishments and feedback to instill trust
  • CTA — prompting your visitors to take action on your eCommerce website
  • Unique positioning — describing how your brand can help customers
  • Contact information — typically includes email address, phone number, and links to your social media profiles

You may skip some points if they don’t fit your brand. But having them all in place is usually the best bet for a business.

Tips to Create an Engaging Shopify About Us Page with Examples

How can you make About Us page on Shopify compelling and engaging to your customers? We prepared several expert tips for you.

Focus on Your Customers

Tailor your Who We Are page on Shopify to resonate with your end users. Understand their needs, desires, and pain points to prepare your messaging accordingly. Speak directly to people’s aspirations and challenges and demonstrate how your company can provide the solutions they seek. This approach creates a sense of connection and relevance, convincing visitors to choose your brand.

For example, look at Allbirds. Their About Us page speaks directly to their target audience – environmentally conscious consumers. It highlights their sustainable practices and commitment to reducing environmental pollution.

The About Us page of the Allbirds Shopify store, Screenshot for Blog Article - Create an About Us Page on Shopify

Describe Your Brand’s Mission and Vision

Concentrate on your ideal customers and communicate your brand’s mission and vision, aligning with your target audience. Explain the purpose behind your business and the impact you aim to make. Thus, customers will resonate with your brand’s values, getting the motivation to support your endeavors.

For instance, Casper’s About Us page clearly communicates its mission. The goal is to improve sleep by providing high-quality mattresses and sleep products, following their customer’s feedback and needs.

The Casper store's About Us page communicating the brand's mission, Screenshot for Blog Article - Create an About Us Page on Shopify

Show People Behind Your Brand

Include photos and brief bios of your team members, allowing customers to connect with the people driving your business. This personal touch adds authenticity and builds trust.

For instance, the Kit & Kin store About Us page that GenovaWebArt developed includes a video with the brand’s co-founder outlining the mission of the brand.

The Kit & Kin's About Us page showing the brand's co-founder, Screenshot for Blog Article - Create an About Us Page on Shopify

Establish Trust and Credibility with Social Proof

Boost confidence in your brand by incorporating social proof and impressive numbers on your About Us page. You can display the following information:

  • Customer testimonials and reviews
  • Success stories
  • Significant milestones, awards, and certifications

Look at the Winky Lux’s About Us page GenovaWebArt created. This brand has dedicated a separate section describing its commitment to sustainability in numbers.

Winky Lux's About Us page showcases the brand's sustainability achievements in numbers, Screenshot for Blog Article - Create an About Us Page on Shopify

Encourage Customers to Take Action by Using CTAs

Include clear and compelling calls to action on your About Us page. They will guide visitors toward the next step. Whether inviting them to explore your product range, sign up for a newsletter, or make a purchase, strategically placed CTAs encourage engagement and conversions.

Explore how our client, Bird & Blend Tea Co., prompts visitors to subscribe to a newsletter and refer their friends from the About Us page.

CTAs on the About Us page of Bird & Blend Tea Co, Screenshot for Blog Article - Create an About Us Page on Shopify

On top of these tips, you may also want to learn how to organize home page on Shopify for better conversions and customer engagement.

What Not to Add to the About Us Page on Shopify

When creating an About Us page on Shopify, strike the right balance and avoid certain pitfalls lowering its effectiveness. Here are some common mistakes to watch out for:

  • Leaving out the CTA. Failing to include a call to action on your About Us page is a missed opportunity. Since it guides your visitors toward required activities in your store, you may lose in purchases, subscriptions, or whatsoever.
  • Writing excessive amounts of text. Providing meaningful information on your About Us page is necessary. However, overwhelming visitors with lots of text is off-putting. Keep your messaging concise, focused, and impactful.
  • Using generic and cliched statements. As mentioned above, generic About Us pages don’t perform well. In particular, avoid loud phrases like “industry-leading” or “best quality” without clear evidence.
  • Using excessive self-promotion. Of course, the About Us or Our Story page on Shopify is your opportunity to showcase your brand and its achievements. Yet, balance your promotions with information on how you can help your customers.

5 Memorable About Us Pages from Other Shopify Stores

Do you aim to create an About Us page on Shopify that converts and engages? Then, you may need additional inspiration. We prepared several more page examples of decent Shopify stores.

1. Death Wish Coffee

The About Us page of the Death Wish Coffee online store, Screenshot for Blog Article - Create an About Us Page on Shopify

This About Us page uses bold visuals and captivating storytelling to convey the brand’s mission to provide the world’s strongest coffee. They share their journey, passion for quality, and commitment to customer satisfaction, creating a memorable experience.

2. Pipcorn

The About Us page of the Pipcorn store, Screenshot for Blog Article - Create an About Us Page on Shopify

The Pipcorn’s About Us page stands out with its playful and lighthearted approach. They use colorful illustrations and storytelling to showcase their journey as a small, family-owned business producing delicious and healthy popcorn snacks.

3. Bee’s Wrap

The Our Story page on Shopify of a Bee's Wrap brand, Screenshot for Blog Article - Create an About Us Page on Shopify

Bee’s Wrap has another excellent example of an Our Story page on Shopify. It conveys the brand’s mission to reduce plastic waste through reusable and sustainable food wraps. The company highlights its commitment to environmental protection, showing the benefits of materials used for its product. The page also includes a CTA prompting the visitor to explore starter kits.

4. Soko Glam

The About Us page of the Soko Glam store, Screenshot for Blog Article - Create an About Us Page on Shopify

This About Us page beautifully combines storytelling with user-generated content. It shares the founder’s journey into Korean skincare and curates customer testimonials to illustrate the transformative power of the products.

5. Paper Republic

The About Us page of the Paper Republic store developed by GenovaWebArt, Screenshot for Blog Article - Create an About Us Page on Shopify

Paper Republic’s About Us page stands out with its elegant and minimalist design, perfectly complementing the brand’s aesthetic. That’s what the GenovaWebArt team aimed to achieve when working on this project. Our experts also combined concise storytelling and stunning visuals to express the brand’s commitment to crafting authentic products.

Thus, before adding an About Us on Shopify, explore the above examples and search for other inspirational templates.

GenovaWebArt Experience in Shopify About Us Page Creation

GenovaWebArt has been delivering Shopify stores, including About Us pages, since 2012. Our experts understand this eCommerce platform profoundly. We can help you talk about your brand like never before.

  • Our experienced team offers the following services:
  • Develop and customize a Shopify theme.
  • Create an About Us page on Shopify.
  • Modify About Us in Shopify store.
  • Organize a product page on Shopify.
  • Develop a Shopify app.
  • Deliver complex Shopify solutions.

As you likely noticed while exploring the About Us page examples for online stores we developed, GenovaWebArt’s services cater to various industries. Moreover, we work with different use cases and requirements — from small businesses to large eCommerce retailers. Our team always ensures that your mission, values, and vision align with the About Us page we deliver.

The About Us page of the Early Rider online store built by GenovaWebArt, Screenshot for Blog Article - Create an About Us Page on Shopify

The above is another example of our work for the Early Rider store. Want to see more? Follow the link to our portfolio.


Creating an effective Shopify About Us page is essential to building trust and credibility, driving conversions, and staying competitive. That’s how you connect with your customers and prompt them to choose you over other eCommerce stores.

Follow the tips and examples in today’s post to elevate your About Us page to a whole new level. Or reach out to professionals like GenovaWebArt to cover this job for you. With our Shopify expertise and over 200 successful projects, we’ll help you boost customer engagement, ultimately increasing sales.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does my Shopify store need an About Us page?

Yes, having an About Us page on Shopify is crucial. With its help, you connect with your audience, show your brand’s story, and establish trust, eventually increasing conversions.

What should I include on the Shopify About Us page?

Your Shopify About Us page should include the following information:
  • Your brand’s story and business model
  • Your and your team’s photos
  • Social proof and accomplishments
  • Straightforward CTAs

Why is the About Us page one of the most important pages on a website?

The About Us page makes a first impression on the visitor. It’s also a critical business tool to instill credibility and explain why your customers should prefer your brand to others.

How can GenovaWebArt help create a successful About Us page?

Our team can provide expert tips, guidance, and examples tailored to your brand and target audience. We also assist with Shopify design and development to ensure your About Us page resonates with your customers.

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