Shopify sporting good stores keep gaining popularity. More and more people are ready to invest time and effort into building healthier routines and making exercising an inseparable part of their lives. On top of that, sports aesthetics in outfits never go out of style. 

Based on these and other factors, Statista forecasts a steady revenue increase for the sports apparel market. It’s predicted to reach around $294 billion in 2030. And that’s only apparel. Add shoes, accessories, gear, and memorabilia — the numbers will be times higher. So, if you think about starting your own store, it may be a good idea. 

Being eCommerce experts for over a decade, we’ve built a variety of online shops, including sports goods stores. For instance, we’ve redesigned the online store for Ten Thousand, an activewear brand. Also, we provide ongoing support and constant functionality expansion for Early Rider, a kid bike manufacturer. 
In this article, we want to show how diverse such stores can be. So here’s the list of Shopify sporting goods stores that can add an extra dose of inspiration to your business ideas.

The Ten Thousand store redesigned by GWA, Screenshot for Blog Article - Shopify Sporting Goods Stores

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NOBULL: The Best Shopify Clothing Store

NOBULL is a sports apparel brand for people who train hard, Screenshot for Blog Article - Shopify Sporting Goods Stores

NOBULL is an apparel, footwear, and accessories store for people who train. The brand that opens our Shopify sporting goods stores list was created for people “who work hard and don’t believe in excuses.” NOBULL is more than an online store. It’s a community of athletes and sports enthusiasts. Among other things, NOBULL hosts events and builds awareness around training. The Best Shopify Fitness Store

The platform provides tools and resources for training, as well as supplements, apparel, and equipment, Screenshot for Blog Article - Shopify Sporting Goods Stores is a fitness and bodybuilding platform. It aims to provide all tools and resources for users with various health and wellness goals. Here, you can find protein, supplements, apparel, and equipment. The website also features articles, workout plans, nutrition guidance, and the BodyFit community. Despite the versatility of goods and services, the shop is well-structured, with clear navigation and convenient design.

BAUER: Top 1 Team Sports Store Website

The world's biggest manufacturer of ice hockey equipment has a dedicated online store to sale gear and apparel, Screenshot for Blog Article - Shopify Sporting Goods Stores

Bauer Hockey is the world’s biggest manufacturer of ice hockey equipment. Their online shop, BAUER, has a huge collection of hockey goods. The selection ranges from sticks and skates to athleisure apparel and recovery footwear. You can also order customized equipment here. The company aims to make hockey more attractive and inclusive. 

SE Bikes: The Best Bike Store on Shopify

SE Bikes BMX, mountain, and urban commuter bikes, as well as their customized versions, Screenshot for Blog Article - Shopify Sporting Goods Stores

SE Bikes is one more example of Shopify success in sports retail. The company designs, produces, and sells bikes and parts for them. There are BMX, mountain, and urban commuter bikes for riders of all ages and skill levels. The store also sells customized bikes. You can separately select frames, wheels, handlebars, etc., and mix them into a unique bike.

F1 Authentics: UK Sports Store on Shopify

The UK-based F1 memorabilia store features  authenticated and reimagined items from teams and drivers, Screenshot for Blog Article - Shopify Sporting Goods Stores

F1 Authentics is a beautifully designed sport merchandise store on Shopify. It is the only official store featuring F1 memorabilia. You can find authenticated items from teams and drivers and reimagined sports items. The platform offers buying functionality and auctions. One amazing category here is re-engineered race-used car parts that receive a second life in the form of souvenirs.

Marathon Sports: Marathon Sports Store 2024

Marathon Sports offers everything runners may need for training and competition, Screenshot for Blog Article - Shopify Sporting Goods Stores

The shop has a huge selection of shoes, apparel, and gear for people who enjoy running, walking, and fitness. Marathon Sports was founded in 1975, expanding to 22 locations and a stunning online shop with worldwide shipping. This Shopify platform for sports has a blog that marathon (and not only) runners will find helpful. 

Hat Heaven: The Best Sport Hat Store

The brand designs unique, sports-inspired hats and sells collections by other designers, Screenshot for Blog Article - Shopify Sporting Goods Stores

Hat Heaven showcases a variety of unique caps for adults and kids. There are collections by brands and original designs. Most of them are inspired by sports teams from MBL, NFL, and NBA. Hat Heaven aims to mix current fashion trends with sports influences and pop culture. You’ll also find items on sale and a loyalty program. 

FOCO: The Best Shopify Sports Merch Store in the USA

Fans can order clothing, bags, and a variety of accessories to demonstrate commitment to their favorite teams, Screenshot for Blog Article - Shopify Sporting Goods Stores

FOCO is a brand passionate about fan culture. It is one of the leading manufacturers of sports and entertainment merchandise in the USA. FOCO’s product line entails clothing, shoes, bags, accessories, toys, and collectibles. Founded in 1998, it focuses on constantly bringing fresh ideas and designs to its community. In addition to major leagues, the shop features college and soccer teams. 

The store promotes tennis and other racquet sports by making personal gear affordable, Screenshot for Blog Article - Shopify Sporting Goods Stores

Slinger started with an idea to make racquet sports more popular and accessible. They believe every tennis lover should afford to own their own tennis ball machine. The desire to redesign a portable ball launcher turned into a comprehensive vision of a better playing experience. This authentic approach helps promote Shopify store and this sport in general.

Alpinestars: Moto Sports Store on Shopify

The company operating from the early days of motocross now reimagines the gear and clothing to make it safer for drivers and environment, Screenshot for Blog Article - Shopify Sporting Goods Stores

Alpinestars emerged in the early days of motocross. The company develops various racing, carting, and biking products. It strives to make motorcycle riding safer and more comfortable. The brand cooperates with the fastest athletes to create solutions for people of all skill levels. Alpinestars also pays attention to environmental initiatives and sustainability.

Altitude Sports: Top Discount Sports Store

Athletes and sports enthusiasts can always get past-season collections at considerable discounts, Screenshot for Blog Article - Shopify Sporting Goods Stores

Altitude Sports is one of the biggest Shopify sporting goods stores. It offers a massive selection of apparel, footwear, accessories, and gear at excellent prices. New members get up to 20% discount on their first order. You can pay for a lifetime membership and get discounts on almost everything. Moreover, Altitude Sports has a Sales section on the website. Here, you’ll find offers, coupons, and an extra portal featuring past-season items at up to 65% lower than regular prices. 

WHITESPACE: Winter Sports Store on Shopify

Shaun White participates in the development of snowboarding gear and clothing, testing everything personally before launching new collections, Screenshot for Blog Article - Shopify Sporting Goods Stores

WHITESPACE was founded by Olympian snowboarder Shaun White. It houses a premium line of snowboarding gear and apparel, all designed based on years of professional insights. Shoppers can find Olympic-quality snowboards, goggles, and apparel here. Shaun himself tries and tests everything. Athletes and enthusiasts can be confident they get excellent items for winter activities.

SwimOutlet: Summer Sports Store on Shopify

SwimOutlet has been selling swimwear, gear, and facility items for over 20 years, Screenshot for Blog Article - Shopify Sporting Goods Stores

For 20 years, SwimOutlet offers swimwear, rash guards, wetsuits, gear, and more. Each category features items for competition swimmers, enthusiasts, and fashion trendsetters. SwimOutlet has a loyalty program with bonuses available at yearly payments. The brand also supports small swimming teams, helping them develop and sell merch.

Kickgame: The Biggest Sport Shoe Store in Europe

High-end and limited-edition sneakers attract sports fans, sneaker fans, and collectors, Screenshot for Blog Article - Shopify Sporting Goods Stores

It’s a bit complicated to single out the biggest shoe store in Europe. Yet, the UK-based Kickgame is definitely on this list. The retailer specializes in high-end, limited-edition sneakers and streetwear. You can find exclusive and hard-to-get items by Nike, Adidas, Jordan, and more. Hence, this website is a real finding for sneaker fans and collectors. 

Gymshark: The Best Women’s Sports Store in the UK

One of the biggest activewear and athleisure vendors designs well-cut and durable sportswear for women, Screenshot for Blog Article - Shopify Sporting Goods Stores

Gymshark is among the largest sporting goods stores Shopify that decided to migrate to Shopify from Magento. The platform sells apparel and accessories for both men and women. Still, it deserves to get featured under this title. Here, you’ll find clever-contoured leggings, sports bras, and other items that are also durable and quick to dry. Moreover, Gymshark has activewear and athleisure collections. 

GHOST: The Biggest Shopify Sports Supplement Store

The store sells supplements for different goals, including weight management, muscle building, and endurance, Screenshot for Blog Article - Shopify Sporting Goods Stores

GHOST is a lifestyle sports nutrition brand. The store offers supplements for different goals. These include muscle building, energy and endurance, recovery, weight management, and more. The brand partners with several healthcare and environment initiatives to build a healthier community and create more sustainable experiences.

4 BBBB Trading Cards: Successful Sports Card Store

Sports card stores are rare these days, but businesses that value the sentimental touch of memorabilia still exist, Screenshot for Blog Article - Shopify Sporting Goods Stores

4 BBBB Trading Cards, or simply 4B, is the best platform for card and memorabilia collectors. It’s a family-owned business that keeps a personal touch on the world of collectibles. 4B values the sentimental meaning of memorabilia and builds a welcoming space for fans. The store features a curated selection of trading cards from a variety of sports. You’ll find both rare vintage classics and the latest releases in the catalog.

Vessi: The Best Online Sport Shoes Store With Shopify

Now, sneaker fans can buy shoes that suit all weather conditions, Screenshot for Blog Article - Shopify Sporting Goods Stores

Vessi is a footwear brand that designs waterproof, lightweight, and comfortable sneakers. The idea behind the company was to create a perfect pair of sports shoes a person can wear all day in any weather. Here, you can get sneakers that suit sunny, rainy, and even snowy weather. There are unisex and gender-specific styles, all made using environmentally friendly materials.

Simms Fishing Products: Top Shopify Fishing Sports Store

The brand provides everything professional and recreational anglers need and promotes responsible fishing, Screenshot for Blog Article - Shopify Sporting Goods Stores

Simms Fishing Products sells fishing gear, accessories, apparel, and footwear. It focuses on designing high-quality products for fishing for anglers worldwide. Both professional and recreational anglers can find items for their activities here. Simms aims to innovate fishing solutions to improve comfort and performance for customers. The brand promotes environmental initiatives and participates in conservation programs.

Way of Wade: The Shopify Pro Sports Store in the US

Dwyane Wade launched a signature basketball shoe line with new collections regularly appearing on the brand's store, Screenshot for Blog Article - Shopify Sporting Goods Stores

The understanding of what fits under “Pro Sports Store” may differ. This time, let’s look at one owned by a pro athlete – Dwyane Wade. Way of Wade is the NBA superstar’s official website featuring the signature basketball shoe line. Fans and athletes can also find clothing and accessories here. This includes limited collections created in collaboration with other designers and artists.

Gray-Nicolls: The Best Cricket Sports Store in Europe

The brand trusted by professional cricket players sells all the necessary teamwear and equipment for the game, Screenshot for Blog Article - Shopify Sporting Goods Stores

Gray-Nicolls is a cricket brand with over 150 years of history. Nowadays, it manages to balance traditions and innovation. In this store, you’ll find teamwear and equipment for adult and junior players. There are buying guides and an opportunity to order repair services. The website also lists professional cricket players who choose Gray-Nicolls as their trusted provider.

Spartan Race: The Best Shopify Athletic Sports Store

The obstacle course race organizer has a store for apparel, footwear, and equipment that is worth checking out by people practicing athletic sports, Screenshot for Blog Article - Shopify Sporting Goods Stores

Obstacle course races (OCR) may not be the first-choice sport for many. Yet, Spartan Race, the brand organizing OCR, has an impressive athletic sports store. Athletics includes running, jumping, throwing, and walking. Here, you can buy apparel, footwear, accessories, and equipment for each activity mentioned. Who knows, maybe it’ll inspire shoppers to push their physical and mental limits further and sign up for some challenging courses and races.

Moxi Skates: Best Shopify Outdoor Sports Store

The brand's colorful storefront and multimedia content perfectly reflect it's passion to the roller skating culture, Screenshot for Blog Article - Shopify Sporting Goods Stores

Moxi Skates is one of many stores with items for outdoor sports. Yet, it definitely attracts attention with its bold design and a huge selection of gear. The Moxi team wants to nurture their passion for roller skating with people worldwide. They do it by offering premium equipment and apparel, as well as guides, tutorials, and exciting multimedia content.

Premium-quality uniforms for martial arts are featured in many variations in the online store, Screenshot for Blog Article - Shopify Sporting Goods Stores

As a rule, you can find uniforms in stores specializing in a particular kind of sport. One of them is Elite Sports. This platform sells premium-quality sportswear for martial arts. Shoppers can choose from a variety of suits for men, women, and kids. Varying by color and cuts, all are lightweight, durable, anti-odor, and preshrunk. The website itself has a very appealing design and is convenient to use.

Soccer Wearhouse: Legendary Shopify Soccer Sports Store

Soccer clothing, equipment, and memorabilia by top brands are well-organized on the website based on purpose and teams, Screenshot for Blog Article - Shopify Sporting Goods Stores

Believe it or not, one of the best soccer sports stores is based in the USA. At Soccer Wearhouse, customers can find a huge selection of clothing, equipment, and memorabilia here. The website features brands like Adidas, Puma, Nike, Under Armour, and others. The store has impressive navigation and structure. The catalog accommodates a diversity of categories and items without cluttering the interface. 

MAPerformance: The Best Shopify Rally Sports Store

Getting the right car parts allows racers prepare their vehicles for better result at the rallies, Screenshot for Blog Article - Shopify Sporting Goods Stores

MAPerformance is an excellent place to get parts for modern turbo vehicles. You can find a full specter of part types and related items here. The selection ranges from engines and brakes to styling options and racing gear. The store features hundreds of brands and even more item categories, offering everything users need to enhance their cars and boost performance at a rally.

Bear Archery: The Best Shopify Archery Store

Innovation in archery is reflected in the new approach to gear design, Screenshot for Blog Article - Shopify Sporting Goods Stores

Bear Archery sells hunting gear and accessories. There are various kinds of bows, arrows and broadheads, stabilizers, targets, and more. Bear Archery regularly updates and extends its catalog. The brand places a strong emphasis on innovation when it comes to bow materials and design. Their devices are built to provide high performance and customization. Besides traditional archery equipment, the store features bowfishing gear.

Alo Yoga: Best Yoga and Athleisure Store

Outfits for yoga, pilates, and running, as well as athleisure and loungewear collections, consider both trends and workout needs, Screenshot for Blog Article - Shopify Sporting Goods Stores

Alo Yoga specializes in high-quality clothing for yoga, pilates, tennis, and running. The brand also has athleisure collections and loungewear for women and men. The designs perfectly combining fashion trends with functionality are available in their official Shopify fitness store. All outfits are created using breathable, moisture-wicking, and durable materials. Alo Yoga is a socially responsible brand that promotes a healthy lifestyle and spreads mindfulness.

Gymreapers: Shopify Sporting Clothes Store

All workout gear is created for a specific reason, and so is the apparel for training, Screenshot for Blog Article - Shopify Sporting Goods Stores

Gymreapers is a US fitness apparel and gear store. It takes a purpose-driven approach to all the items featured in the catalog. The brand reminds customers that everything they sell is created for a reason. The collections feature a large variety of functional, comfortable, and stylish workout clothing for professional athletes and gym enthusiasts.

Sunny Health and Fitness: The Most Successful Shopify Sporting Goods Store in 2024

Cardio and strength equipment allow for achieving better results during gym and home workouts, Screenshot for Blog Article - Shopify Sporting Goods Stores

Sunny Health and Fitness can surprise you with a selection of cardio and strength equipment for home and gym workouts. There are treadmills, exercise bikes, rowers, benches, and more. Users can also order smaller equipment and useful accessories for progress tracking. The brand aims to make workouts and healthy lifestyles available to a wider audience. In particular, it created an app that helps put gear and blog recommendations into action.


It’s complicated to draw up a definitive list of top Shopify sporting good stores. The stores use the same tech platform yet present the assortment and brand information in very different ways. Design, structure, navigation, and beyond – everything is highly customizable to reflect the company’s values and vibe. 

GenovaWebArt can help you choose, set up, and adjust the theme for your store. Our Shopify developers know the platform down to the smallest detail. We can guide you through the challenging aspects of eCommerce development and find solutions to support your business goals. If you are ready to discuss the details or have any questions, leave us a message, and let’s talk.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the key features to look for in a Shopify theme for a sporting goods store?

Product display functionality should be flexible enough to accommodate different item variations. Having multimedia elements like videos or interactive galleries will be great. Also, make sure the theme loads fast and looks good on mobile. Finally, look into compatibility with Shopify apps for store management and other purposes. 

How can I optimize my sporting goods store for better search engine visibility?

Start by conducting thorough keyword research. Focus on terms relevant to your products, brand, and target audience. Optimize your product images. Also, focus on creating high-quality, informative content to establish the store’s authority. Finally, check the technical aspects of SEO optimization and track them in the future.

How do I manage inventory effectively in a sporting goods store on Shopify?

Organize your products into logical categories and collections. Make it easy to track and manage different types of goods. Use Shopify’s built-in inventory tracking or third-party inventory management apps for this. Accurate and timely inventory updates will help you prevent stockouts and overstock situations. Put in place regular inventory audits to manage this.

What are the challenges of running a sporting goods store online, and how to overcome them?

One of the greatest challenges is the intense competition. Differentiating your store requires a strong brand identity, compelling product offerings, and effective marketing strategies. On top of that, there are diverse product ranges and customer preferences. Managing them effectively requires a deep understanding of user demographics and interests. 

Finally, there’s also the seasonal nature of many sporting activities. It results in fluctuating demand and sales throughout the year. Thus, careful inventory management and strategic planning are a must. It’s critical to mitigate all the stock-related risks. 

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