As an eCommerce business owner, you likely consider your Shopify store your hub of sales and success. You’ve designed an eye-catching storefront, filled it with an appealing product line, launched powerful marketing, and even attracted decent traffic. But to ensure persistent growth, you also need proper Shopify store maintenance and support.

Why? There are over 4.3 million Shopify websites. Each of them fights fiercely to rise above the competition, and the stakes are higher than ever. Prioritizing Shopify support services means elevating your store from a simple online presence to a revenue-generating machine.

That’s what GenovaWebArt is here for. In this post, we’ll explain the importance of Shopify support and maintenance and provide tips for your store’s regular post-launch improvement. Having done just that for such eCommerce businesses as Kit & Kin, Winky Lux, Ten Thousand, and more, our team has practical experience to share with you.

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Top 5 Reasons Why You Need a Shopify Expert to Support Your eСommerce Business

Navigating the complex eCommerce landscape can be challenging when you do it on your own. If you have questions like, “What’s the need for Shopify experts for my business?” or “How exactly can Shopify experts help my store after launch?” this article’s section might be the best answer. Here are the five key benefits of using Shopify support:

1. Customized Solutions for Your Business

A cookie-cutter approach rarely works in eCommerce, where competition is high. That’s one of the primary reasons you need Shopify experts for your store’s maintenance. A skilled team with a profound background can offer tailor-made solutions, following your company’s brand identity, customer preferences, and, most importantly, business goals.

2. Time and Cost Savings

Time is money, and it’s especially true for operational efficiency in eCommerce. Jumping into Shopify website maintenance with an expert team allows you to delegate ongoing support and updates to professionals. Doing so ensures your store’s smooth operation and prevents potential technical hiccups that can cost you dearly in the long run.

3. Increased Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty

With effective Shopify support and maintenance services, you optimize user journeys, minimize bugs and glitches, and handle concerns swiftly. All this combined boosts customer satisfaction and loyalty, indispensable components of your store’s success.

4. Shopify Expertise

Collaborating with Shopify experts brings all the necessary expertise to the table. Such teams typically consist of professionals in different Shopify-related areas, from theme and app developers to designers and project managers. This ensemble of skills guarantees efficient Shopify support and maintenance services.

5. Seamless Growth and Scalability

One of the fundamental benefits of Shopify support and maintenance is achieving stable growth for your store. An expert team can handle increased traffic and sales as your business expands and your ambitions soar. Professional help also enriches your store with new features, improves its performance, and executes strategies for long-term development.

Types of Support and Maintenance Available for Shopify Stores

By this time, you’ve probably figured out that running a successful Shopify store goes beyond its proper setup. Constant attention, updates, and fine-tuning are also integral here. The benefits of Shopify support and maintenance are almost limitless, and here are the solutions you can get:

1. Technical Support

Dealing with technical challenges is almost inevitable for an online store owner. The good news is that Shopify experts are your allies in overcoming these obstacles. It’s especially vital if you have limited tech expertise and put most of your work into the business part.

Professional teams offer numerous advantages of Shopify support, like tackling coding issues or answering your technical questions about the platform itself. Whether you’re dealing with integration problems or compatibility concerns, Shopify experts can keep your store running without a hitch.

How Can GWA Help?

GenovaWebArt has a long track record of helping Shopify stores tackle various technical issues. We can check the code and suggest improvements for smooth website operation. Our team did that for our client, Winky Lux, reducing the load from app requests and scripts, ultimately improving the website speed.

The Winky Lux store, developed and improved by the GenovaWebArt team, Screenshot for Blog Article - Shopify Store Maintenance

2. Maintenance Services

Your store demands constant maintenance for proper functioning, just like a finely tuned engine requires regular upkeep. Some tips for maintaining a Shopify store include timely software updates and routine health checks. That ensures your website is performant and secure and allows you to detect and fix potential vulnerabilities before they negatively impact your online store.

How Can GWA Help?

GenovaWebArt experts recognize the importance of Shopify support and maintenance. We focus on constant store improvement to make them convenient for merchants and customers. For example, when Shopify introduced its latest Online Store 2.0 technology, our team migrated the Kit and Kin website to it. That helped our client reach cutting-edge functionality and achieve more meaningful interaction with their customers.

The Kit and Kin store, migrated to Online Store 2.0 by GenovaWebArt experts, Screenshot for Blog Article - Shopify Store Maintenance

3. SEO Services

SEO is another reason why is Shopify support important. It helps improve your website's visibility in search engine rankings and drive organic traffic to your store. While Shopify provides some built-in SEO capabilities, partnering with an expert team can offer way more than that. Shopify professionals can consult you on the best website structure and content as well as improve its loading speed — essential factors of SEO success.

How Can GWA Help?

Our team at GenovaWebArt has vast experience in search engine optimization. We achieve decent results by delivering the most efficient website structure and working on load speed improvements. For the Ten Thousand store, we even conducted A/B testing of website pages to ensure each page element performs well and is in its proper place.

The Ten Thousand store maintained by GenovaWebArt, Screenshot for Blog Article - Shopify Store Maintenance

4. Website Analytics

Data is essential for learning about your customer’s preferences and improving your store. And website analytics is why every Shopify store needs support. With an expert team, you can track user behavior and engagement patterns and, based on these insights, optimize your store’s layout and offer features that match your customer demands. Furthermore, when you install GA4 on Shopify, it enhances your ability to collect and analyze data more effectively, providing a richer understanding of customer interactions on your site.

How Can GWA Help?

GenovaWebArt experts always seek growth opportunities through maintenance and support services. We constantly analyze our clients’ current offerings and suggest data-driven improvements. Our team did that for the Paper Republic store. We found out that this store’s customers required a pre-order feature and successfully implemented it.

Adding Out of Stock and pre-order features to the Paper Republic online store, Screenshot for Blog Article - Shopify Store Maintenance

5. Bespoke Website Development and Integration Services

Every business is unique, and often, standard solutions don’t fully align with your brand’s vision or customers’ expectations. It’s where custom website development and integration services come in handy. Shopify experts can integrate third-party tools, plugins, and extensions, customize a feature for tailored user interaction, and generally implement any of your ideas to life.

How Can GWA Help?

GenovaWebArt excels in delivering custom solutions to our clients. We can assist in integrating third-party services or develop a custom app from scratch — all tailored to your requirements. For example, we connected Klaviyo and Recharge applications to the MìLà store to automate marketing and implement subscriptions.

Integrating third-party apps like Klaviyo and Recharge into the Mila online store, Screenshot for Blog Article - Shopify Store Maintenance

GenovaWebArt Experience in Shopify Store Maintenance and Support

GenovaWebArt always highlights the importance of Shopify support and maintenance. We’ve been working with some of our clients for years, constantly improving their online stores. These are, in particular, such eCommerce websites as Kit & Kin, Ten Thousand, MìLà, Paper Republic, Winky Lux, and beyond.

Our team helps you reach Shopify customer support through the following comprehensive services:

  • Shopify expansion stores — we ensure your store’s internationalization by providing multilingual or multidomain strategies
  • API and third-party app integration — our experts enhance your Shopify store with advanced tools and functionalities
  • Performance and conversion optimization — we make your store load faster and every feature performs better
  • Shopify maintenance and retainer support — our retainer support model guarantees your store remains up-to-date and paves the way for future growth
  • Custom Shopify development and design — we deliver custom solutions to meet your unique requirements

Want to see how our maintenance and support services make a difference in our clients’ eCommerce success? Learn more in our portfolio.


Are you still wondering: “Why my Shopify store need support?” Let’s reiterate the reasons. That’s the way to beat your competition, get tailor-made solutions for your business, attract loyal customers, and facilitate your online store’s long-term growth. Integrating Shopify gamification strategies can significantly enhance user engagement and sales, bringing an interactive and fun element to your online store. Sounds compelling? Implement your vision with GenovaWebArt.

As a certified Shopify design and development agency, we’ve been supporting numerous online stores in their eCommerce success. Our team has all the experts you need, from Shopify app developers to designers, who can improve your website in the long run. To implement efficient support and maintenance strategies with us, just contact our specialists for a detailed consultation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose Shopify store support and maintenance services?

If you want to develop your eCommerce business consistently and require technical and Shopify expertise, Shopify support and maintenance services are the way to go. These can make your store performant and convert your website visitors into regular customers.

What are the benefits of hiring Shopify support specialists?

You benefit from custom solutions, save time and costs, increase customer satisfaction and loyalty, access profound Shopify expertise, and ensure stable growth of your online store.

What steps can Shopify store support consist of?

It depends on the particular store’s requirements. But generally, some examples of Shopify store support stages include troubleshooting technical issues, providing software updates, delivering SEO, and even developing custom features.

What are the tips for maintaining a Shopify store?

Review and update your product listings, optimize images for faster loading, monitor website analytics, and transfer complex maintenance tasks to Shopify experts. Some solutions these professionals can offer include software updates and website testing.

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