Can you picture a magic key that opens a treasure trove of eager Shopify customers? Well, it exists. And it’s none other than the lead magnets for Shopify stores.

These tools are like the irresistible bait that lures your website visitors into your email list. Moreover, lead magnets allow for acquiring zero-party data — the information individuals willingly and consciously share.

Today, we’ll discuss the concept of a lead magnet and explore the elements that make it effective. We’ll also reveal the top ten lead-generation strategies relevant to Shopify websites in 2023. Drawing on our experience implementing these in Ten Thousand and Winky Lux stores, GenovaWebArt experts are here to offer practical advice.

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Elements of a Successful Lead Magnet

Lead magnets are a way to generate leads. In other words, they identify potential customers and gather their contact information. Magnets encourage your Shopify store visitors to share their contact details with you in exchange for something valuable. For example, it could be a discount or a gift.

What do lead magnets for Shopify stores consist of? Let’s go through the essential elements of these solutions:

  • Basic form — a simple, user-friendly form where visitors submit their information (typically a name and email address)
  • Call-to-action — a button, tab, or even a pop-up that prompts visitors to take action and communicates the benefit of your offering
  • Landing page — a web page dedicated to a specific lead magnet offer that covers the offer’s value and essence
  • Thank you page — a web page that appears and congratulates the visitor after they share their contact info; it also provides the opportunity to get the promised lead magnet offer
  • Follow-up email — an email that thanks a subscriber again and guides them to the next
  • steps

These elements should work cohesively to turn your website visitor into a loyal customer.

10 Lead Magnet Ideas for Shopify Stores in 2023

Let’s now get to the main point of our post: lead magnet ideas for Shopify businesses. Explore the best strategies to captivate your audience and maximize your marketing efforts.


One of the most widespread yet effective Shopify lead magnet ideas is discounts. After all, who doesn’t like a great deal?

Discounts strike your visitors’ love for savings and bargains. They lure your customer prospects with a reduced price tag. To implement this idea, consider the following:

  • Offer 5% to 10% off the total purchase or a specific dollar amount extracted from the final bill. Note that too high discounts may devalue your products and lower your income.
  • Use a discount pop-up with an email form on a dedicated landing page.
  • Use a multistep discount pop-up with an email form coming first and additional data like gender and preferences in the next step.

Remember that striking the right balance is crucial when leveraging multistep Shopify pop-ups. Two-step ones might be the best in terms of conversion and lead generation. As one study suggests, 76% of customers willingly input their data on the second step — which is a decent number.

One-step vs. multiple-step pop-up statistics, Screenshot for Blog Article - Lead magnet ideas for Shopify


Giveaways are another viable way to enrich your database with leads. They make your online store visitors enthusiastic about winning something valuable, whether a product from your store, a gift card, or a free consultation. To enter your giveaway, the customers should share their contact information.

On top of that, giveaways are among the most compelling lead magnet ideas for Shopify because they often generate social media buzz and word-of-mouth marketing. This way, you extend your reach beyond your Shopify store.

Free Shipping

High extra costs cause 55% of customers to abandon their shopping carts. Like a lifesaver, free shipping is the most effective incentive in persuading them to buy from an online store.

Picture this: your customer is about to complete their purchase, and suddenly, the free shipping offer appears. The effect is similar to the discounts when you provide people with a more budget-friendly shopping experience. It transforms hesitant visitors into eager customers.


Credit is the equivalent of ‘shopping money.’ It’s like a discount you offer your customers but on future purchases.

How does it work? It attracts visitors by giving them credit or points to spend in your Shopify store. To get those, the customers should enter their contact details.

Businesses typically offer credits on the first order within their store. Consider the amount you’re eager to grant. Ensure it encourages purchases but doesn’t harm your revenue.

Loyalty Program

Loyalty programs are among the must-have lead magnet ideas for Shopify. They attract new customers and keep them coming back for more.

A loyalty program may consist of the following:

  • Regular discounts
  • Early access to sales
  • Loyalty points

To get into the loyalty program, the customer will likely need to register an account in your Shopify store. That’s how you collect their contact details and other valuable information like gender, age, location, and product preferences.


Quizzes are not just for fun. They’re a powerful lead magnet that touches on the human desire for personalization. Hence, a quiz should solve a problem specific to your audience and brand’s niche to work effectively. Here are a few examples:

  • A style quiz
  • A size guide
  • A product recommendation quiz
  • A personality assessment

If implemented properly, this lead magnet will help you capture contact information and boost customer loyalty, given that you offer products that align with their preferences.

Free Webinar

Free webinars are lead magnets that exchange knowledge and insights for customer information. Since these lectures offer quality, customers are usually willing to provide their contact details.

Thus, consider this lead magnet idea if you have some expert tips and advice to share (and we bet you do). Moreover, a webinar doesn’t need to be extensive to attract customers. An hour-long lecture is enough to gather leads and position your Shopify store as an authority in your niche.

Gifts or Samples

Gifts and samples are those lead magnet ideas for Shopify that spark customer interest in your product line. They enable consumers to explore your offerings without commitment and prompt them to buy more.

You can offer a free sample of your new product or a special gift with a purchase. But remember that those should be relevant to a particular customer or audience segment.

First Diligence into New Products

Exclusive sneak peeks are the keys to building anticipation and curiosity around your latest products. Offer your website visitors a ‘first look’ before the official launch to make them feel privileged and valued.

People like being in the know, and this lead magnet caters to that desire. Give your customers an exclusive look at your products in return for their contact info. This way, you will generate leads and create buzz around your new offerings.

Free Consultation

A free consultation is a helping hand to your potential customers. When they first encounter your website, they might need additional advice before purchasing from you. A consultation is a chance to promote Shopify store, showcase your expertise, and provide personalized solutions to customer problems.

You can offer the following:

  • A one-on-one session
  • A group consultation

Before consulting, study the customers’ queries and make sure you can solve them. Additionally, consider sharing helpful resources or eBooks on the topic.

Best Practices for Implementing Lead Magnets on Shopify

Now, let’s discuss how to implement lead magnets on Shopify that convert. Before creating one, ensure you’ve gone through the following considerations:

  • Verify whether your lead magnet solves a real problem or a customer’s pain point.
  • Check if your lead magnet is relevant to your target audience.
  • Make sure your magnet is unique and reflects your brand’s essence.
  • Ensure your lead magnet is valuable to your target audience.
  • Maintain honesty in all your promises and offers.

Once you’ve covered the above points, it’s time to make a lead magnet. Here are a few tips to help you with that:

  • Design your lead magnet consistently with your branding.
  • Make your lead magnet readable and straightforward.
  • Add a striking title and welcome message.
  • Leverage A/B testing to find the best placement of the lead magnet on your Shopify website.
  • Use different lead magnets for separate audience segments.

Use pop-ups as the most engaging solution to promote your lead magnet to your visitors. You can also leverage strategically placed website banners, social media posts, and call-to-action buttons.

GenovaWebArt as Your Shopify Design and Development Partner

GenovaWebArt can expertly implement lead magnets on Shopify stores, tailoring them to your specific goals and target audience specifics. We’ve done this for our numerous clients, with Winky Lux and Ten Thousand as the most prominent examples.

Winky Lux

A Rewards program in the Winky Lux store, Screenshot for Blog Article - Lead magnet ideas for Shopify

Starting our cooperation with a complete beauty brand’s website redesign, our team continued to work on Winky Lux’s promo solutions. We implemented several lead magnets, including the following:

  • “Gift With a Purchase” functionality — offering free products
  • “Buy More Get More” promotions — providing multi-level discounts based on the purchase price and amount
  • VIP Rewards Program” — delivering exclusive discounts and offers
  • Skincare Quiz” — recommending products based on the customer’s skin type, age, skincare routine, and individual skin conditions
  • “Rewards” — earning points for future purchases upon the completion of the “Skincare Quiz”

GenovaWebArt specialists leveraged Shopify Scripts and Shopify development expertise to implement the above solutions. On top of these lead magnets, Winky Lux offers free shipping for orders above $75, gifts and samples in the shopping cart, and a referral program.

Ten Thousand

GenovaWebArt has also assisted a sportswear brand, Ten Thousand, with Shopify design, development, and lead magnet implementation. In particular, we created a “Packs & Kits” functionality. With its help, customers can purchase up to 3 items at a discounted price. Our experts leveraged Shopify Scripts to introduce this feature.

Discount packs functionality in the Ten Thousand store, Screenshot for Blog Article - Lead magnet ideas for Shopify

Apart from these projects, we assisted other brands in reducing Shopify bounce rate and generating leads. Want to learn more? Check out our portfolio or read in-depth case studies.


Lead magnets are a simple way to collect zero-party data — one that your customers are eager to share. Consider our best ten lead magnet ideas for Shopify to improve your marketing, sales, and, ultimately, your store’s success.

If you want to delve deeper into this topic, GenovaWebArt is here to help. Having implemented a whole library of lead magnets throughout our work, we’ve gathered extensive expertise to optimize lead-generation strategies for your business. Need more details? Just contact our specialists.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the common mistakes to avoid when creating lead magnets for Shopify?

Not understanding your audience’s needs and creating lead magnets that lack value are the primary mistakes to avoid. Another not-so-obvious error is forgetting to follow up with leads. It’s also essential to tailor your lead magnet content, whether a workbook, quiz, or template, to your audience’s preferences. Thus, you ensure it hits your visitors’ pain points.

How can I measure the success of my lead magnet campaigns on Shopify?

Use metrics like conversion rates, email open and click-through rates, and the number of generated leads. Plus, study the campaigns’ impact on your sales and customer retention.

Are there any costs associated with creating and running lead magnet campaigns on Shopify?

It depends on particular lead magnets for Shopify stores. While you can create simple forms and landing pages by solely having a Shopify subscription, other magnets like quizzes and complex discounts require design and development efforts.

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