Did you know that over 80% of eCommerce customers leave the store without completing checkout? There are multiple reasons why it happens. Maybe, the shoppers are disappointed with the shipping cost. Or perhaps, they want to look for cheaper options in other stores. Finally, they may doubt the purchase and postpone the decision for the future. And guess what? They are unlikely to return.

Luckily, Shopify Plus offers an effective solution to this issue: Shopify Scripts. These are tiny yet highly beneficial pieces of code that enhance the Shopify checkout extensibility experience and thus, boost conversions. Depending on the script’s type, it may have a specific purpose and benefits. The scripts often involve discounts, promotional codes, shipping information, or payment gateway choices.

We at GenovaWebArt are experts in Shopify solutions. Our team provides multiple services for eCommerce stores. In this post, we will share our experience and describe the ten most efficient and widespread Shopify script examples, highlight their benefits, and explain how to use them properly.

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How Can Shopify Scripts Help Your Online Shop?

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In a nutshell, with the help of Shopify scripts, you can significantly improve and customize the checkout experience in your eCommerce store. But how do they help? And how does that affect the conversions?

Let’s make it clear by defining the most significant benefits of Shopify scripts for ecommerce business.

  • Personalizing checkout. Custom discounts, promotions, and gifts provide your customers with smoother, more satisfying checkout experiences.
  • Enhancing customers’ trust. Checkout is the most critical point where a customer makes their final decision. Using Shopify scripts, you can prove your service’s convenience and trustworthiness.
  • Solving the cart abandonment issue. Automated discounts, promotions, and gifts are among the best ways to address the cart abandonment challenge.

Therefore, Shopify Scripts can directly affect your online store’s success. Optimizing the checkout process will boost conversion rates, increase sales, and earn your customers’ trust.

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Basic Types of Shopify Scripts

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Shopify Plus offers three basic types of Shopify scripts that increase conversions. Each serves different goals and may be helpful in various cases. So let’s explain these Shopify checkout scripts in more detail. Please note that in our other article, you can learn more about the distinguishing features of Shopify and Shopify Plus.

Line Items

This Shopify script type applies when you need to affect an item in a shopping cart. With Line Items scripts, you can change the items’ parameters and prices, customizing information by collecting it from the buyer’s page. Once a customer adds a product to the cart or removes it, the line item script comes into play.

Shipping Rates

These scripts for your Shopify store allow you to change the shipping rates when necessary. You can provide a new title, alternate its visibility or display order, and update the price. Such scripts run when your customers want to view the shipping options during the checkout. Note that subscription shipping discounts are possible only for the first payment.

Payment Gateways

Payment scripts in eCommerce enable specific interactions with gateways. Customers who open the payment method page during the checkout get a more personalized experience. In particular, you can change the gateway’s title, hide it or make it visible, and allow for re-ordering.

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10 Best Shopify Scripts for Your eCommerce Website

Shopify Plus is a versatile and powerful tool for eCommerce stores. When using it, you can apply many different handy tricks for checkout process optimization. So, let’s look at the Shopify script examples we consider the most efficient among multiple available options. 

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Please note that as Shopify experts, we will provide Shopify theme development services to further enhance the user experience. So if you are looking for this, contact us right now.

1. Buy One Get One Discount

This Shopify script allows you to instantly add discounts to the customers’ carts when purchasing several items in your eCommerce store. Then, at the checkout, a buyer will see the discount’s value. For instance, the Buy One Get One (BOGO) deal may involve two full-price jackets and a shirt for 20% off. Note that such a script works only if a customer has already added those items to that cart.

The buyers appreciate unexpected benefits. Thus, the BOGO Shopify script may encourage them to return to your store.

Learn more about the BOGO script.

2. Free Gift With Purchase Shopify Script

The Free Gift script is an excellent way to encourage customers to add more items to their shopping carts. It provides an opportunity to get a particular product for free when making an order for a certain amount. Thus, willing to get a gift, a customer will be more likely to choose some additional items in your store.

You may also use the Free Gift script to offer discounts based on the number of purchased items instead of the amount spent.

Learn more about the Free Gift script.

3. Tiered Discount by Spend

This example of Shopify script will enable your customers to get significant discounts if buying more items in your eCommerce store. For instance, offer them to get 20$ off in case their cart total is $200 and $100 off for a $500 purchase. Such an offer will likely make the shoppers increase the total value of their carts.

Learn more about the Tiered Discount by Spend script.

4. Tiered Discount by Quantity

Here is another tiered discount Shopify script yet different in its essence. It allows shoppers to benefit from various discounts when buying multiple identical goods. It’s a great opportunity that encourages bulk purchases and provides your customers to increase the number of items to the offered quantity. For example, a buyer may get 10% off for 10+ products in their cart.

Learn more about the Tiered Discount by Quantity script.

5. Creating Discount Codes

A so-called New Subscriber or New Customer script is essential for those who want to boost conversion and subscription rates. It’s one of the best Shopify scripts for eCommerce stores allowing you to offer welcoming discounts for the newcomers making their first purchase on your website. You may also provide personal discounts via bulk SMS and email marketing campaigns.

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6. Transparent Shipping Rates

Did you know that more than half of online shoppers abandon their carts once they find out the shipping rate? Opaque shipping policy may lead to a drop in trust in your brand. However, a specific Shopify script helps address this challenge. When running it, you will notify the customers about the shipping cost before the checkout process begins.

At the same time, shipping scripts on Shopify make the customers’ experience more custom since they can see only the rates regarding their particular location.

Learn more about the transparent Shipping Rate scripts.

7. Shipping Discounts for Tagged Customers

Do you need to enhance customer loyalty? Free shipping for new subscribers works, proven by the Amazon experience. With the Shopify script offering free shipping for the tagged group of users, you can reward your customers for their trust. The "VIP" tag will limit the number of those getting shipping discounts and make it accessible to a specific audience.

Learn more about the Free Shipping by Customer Tag script.

8. Discounts for Tagged Customers

You can also provide the tagged customers with special permissions that others don't have. This way, you will invite them to sign up and subscribe to your store. For example, you can offer 20% off for your "VIP" customers. Such a move will boost loyalty to your brand and make those who haven’t subscribed yet wish to join your community.

Learn more about the Discount Rate by Customer Tag script.

9. Reorder Payment Gateways

Customers like a convenient and fast checkout process. So if you can streamline their experience, it’s a great advantage. Reorder Payment Gateways is a Shopify script for an eCommerce website, allowing you to offer a customer one or two gateways they’ve already used in your store. Most likely, these will be the most suitable options. Thus, the Shopify script will make the customer experience more personalized and frictionless.

Learn more about the Reorder Payment Gateways script.

10. Disable Discount Codes

If the discounts and promotional codes are applied chaotically and simultaneously, they may cause difficulties for your business and lower your profits. Suppose you’re currently running Black Friday sales. In this case, allowing other coupons for the same products is not a good idea. With the Disable Discount Codes script, you can temporarily limit specific discounts in your eCommerce store.

Learn more about the Disable Discount Codes script.

Where Can I Get Scripts, and Can I Create Them Myself?

Whether you’re setting up a global market or a local eCommerce store, using Shopify Scripts is an excellent opportunity to enhance sales and boost your customers’ checkout experience. And the options we’ve mentioned above are some of the most favorable for many online stores.

However, our list is far from the limit. Shopify Scripts are a flexible and multifunctional feature. You can choose the one that will perfectly match your audience specifics. Or even play with the code and build your own scripts for your business needs.

You can learn more about defining your individual company goals in our recent blog post about A/B testing on Shopify.

Those who run Shopify Plus can easily access Scripts API. You will need to install the Scripts Editor application and learn how to use Scripts in Shopify with their Help Center.

But if you lack tech expertise and need a solution tailored to your requirements, you can turn to a Shopify development team like ours. We can analyze your goals, identify the most critical challenges, and improve the checkout experience with unique Shopify Scripts. Our team will take care of all technical aspects and save your time for more critical business tasks.

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GenovaWebArt Experience Working with Shopify Scripts

We at GenovalWebArt have rich expertise in building practical solutions for Shopify-based eCommerce stores. And about 75% of our clients use Shopify Scripts for checkout. Why? Because the Scripts make their lives easier. Most of all, these are various discount scripts, gifts, BOGO, and convenient shipping calculations.

Here are several examples of how our clients use Shopify Scripts to increase conversions, boost sales, enable conversion growth, and enhance customer loyalty.

Winky Lux store offers free shipping for any new purchase over $30. Also, for orders over $35, the Afterpay option is available.

Shopify Scripts Cart Drawer Example in WinkyLux store, illustration for Shopify Scripts blog article

Another example is the Ten Thousand store. It also offers free shipping and Afterpay options. In addition, a new customer can save $20 when buying two full-price items.

Shopify Scripts Example in Ten Thousand store, illustration for Shopify Scripts blog article

Boost Your eCommerce Conversions with Shopify Scripts

If you are an eCommerce store owner, using Shopify scripts to optimize your checkout process is a great idea. You can offer your customers some favorable discounts, inform them about the shipping and payment gateway options, and more. Such an approach will boost the customers’ trust in your company, increase their loyalty, and positively affect the conversion rates.

However, it’s always worth acting according to your business and audience specifics. One-size-fits-all solutions don’t exist. So when deciding which Shopify Script to run, prioritize your customers’ needs and expectations.

Need some help in creating Shopify Scripts for your eCommerce store? We at GenovalWebArt are ready to come in handy. Our team consists of top-notch experts in Shopify theme design and development. In particular, we can build complex Shopify Plus solutions, facilitate the migration process, and ensure all ongoing support and maintenance services.

Contact us to learn more about Shopify Scripts that increase conversions and optimize your online store’s checkout process.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Benefit from Shopify Scripts?

If you run an eCommerce business, you can use Shopify scripts to optimize your checkout process. Scripts are small pieces of code you can generate and use to engage your customers at checkout. Discounts, promotional codes, and gifts will encourage buyers to complete their purchases. Thus, you can boost your sales, address the cart abandonment challenge, and increase conversion rates.

How Can I Improve my Shopify Checkout?

Using Shopify Scripts for your eCommerce store is one of the best methods of improving the checkout experience. In particular, you can use a Shopify script generator of various discounts and offers for your customers. For instance, you may apply a discount for new subscribers or those whose cart total reaches a certain amount. This way, your customers will be more interested in completing the purchase and returning to your store.

Can I Make a Script on Shopify Myself?

Yes, you can create your own scripts on Shopify Plus. For that, you can use the Shopify Script Editor app. However, writing scripts tailored to your business needs may require technical expertise. So if you lack it and don’t know how to use Ruby API, you can turn to our company and create the best Shopify scripts for your needs.

What Are the Most Effective Shopify Scripts?

There are dozens of helpful and practical types of Shopify scripts that increase conversions. Among the most popular ones, it’s worth mentioning Buy One Get One (BOGO), Free Gift with Purchase, Tiered Discounts, Tagged Customer Discounts, New Customer Discounts, etc. However, it would be best if you chose scripts based on your individual business specifics.

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